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No more flying carpet

A rug can add fresh colour, texture, softness and pattern to your room. We have a rug perfect for every room of your home. From guest-welcoming door mats to hallway-warming carpet runners, as well as large statement rugs. Try placing a soft rug by your bed - the perfect way to persuade your feet to get up on a chilly morning.

Adding a rug to any space keeps the room cosy and can often act as floor insulation helping with the energy bill. And don't forget to add an anti-slip or rug underlay to help keep your rug secured firmly to the floor.

STOCKHOLM rug, flatwoven, yellow, net pattern Length: 240 cm Width: 170 cm Surface density: 1350 g/m²
rug, flatwoven
Length: 240 cm, Width: 170 cm, Surface density: 1350 g/m²
ALVINE RUTA rug, flatwoven, white/yellow Length: 240 cm Width: 170 cm Surface density: 1450 g/m²
rug, flatwoven
Length: 240 cm, Width: 170 cm, Surface density: 1450 g/m²
STOCKHOLM rug, low pile, yellow Length: 240 cm Width: 170 cm Surface density: 3290 g/m²
rug, low pile
Length: 240 cm, Width: 170 cm, Surface density: 3290 g/m²
ULLGUMP rug, low pile, white, orange Length: 195 cm Width: 133 cm Surface density: 1450 g/m²
rug, low pile
Length: 195 cm, Width: 133 cm, Surface density: 1450 g/m²
MEJLBY rug, flatwoven, orange, blue Length: 300 cm Width: 200 cm Surface density: 1455 g/m²
rug, flatwoven
Length: 300 cm, Width: 200 cm, Surface density: 1455 g/m²
  • Living room rugs - stylish, comfortable and great value

    Welcome to our large range of living room rugs. You’ll find a lot of styles, colours and materials – everything from sheepskins and cowhides to hand-woven oriental rugs. Check out our thick living room rugs that’ll keep your feet warm while you’re watching your favourite TV soap. Or take a look at our thinner, flat-woven rugs that are really easy to keep clean. Living room rugs add extra colour and comfort for everyone - especially for young children who love playing on the floor. High pile rugs also absorb sound so your kids can make more noise without disturbing you. Plus, you can make more noise after they’ve gone to bed.

  • Living room rugs for a quick revamp

    Living room rugs do a lot for the look of your room. They help divide up your space into different areas and keep groups of furniture together - like your sofa, armchairs and coffee table. Fancy a quick, easy revamp for your home? One of our living room rugs could do the trick. Change a few other soft furnishings, like cushions or curtains, and you get a complete makeover without breaking the bank. A lot of our living room rugs belong to textile collections, so you can go for a coordinated textile look. Check out our STOPP and STOPP FILT anti-slip underlays, too. They’ll make sure your rugs don’t start acting like surfboards!