Simple ways to refresh your kitchen

There are lots of ways to update your kitchen without making a big investment. With a few simple changes you can have a whole new style, and a more functional, efficient kitchen. Simply hover over the image to reveal our top four tips.
Beauty on the outside

A new door style here, a slimmer handle there and - voila! - The kitchen you built five years ago is the one you're dreaming of today.
Replace the cabinet doors

A total transformation without any renovation. All our door styles fit on your existing IKEA cabinet frames. Change all door and drawer fronts or only a few. Go from high-gloss to wood veneer, mix colours or combine solid doors with glass.

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Switch the handles

A little thing like a door knob can make a big difference to the look of your kitchen. And it's one of the easiest things to change. The distance between the holes is the same for most IKEA handles, so they can be replaced without having to drill new holes.

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Add wall panels

Replace old ceramic tiles with a new wall finish. Our wall panels are easy to wipe clean and stand up to water, heat and steam. They're perfect for around the sink and hob, but they can also be used to add personality and colour to other areas of your kitchen.

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Mix it up

Choosing a tap has a lot to do with finding a look you like, but function is really important too, and all of our taps reduce water consumption by a whopping 40% without any loss of pressure, saving you plenty of money on your household bills. Changing your taps can only be a great way to overhaul your sink area but also be a smart move in the long run.

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Update your appliance

Sometimes it's not the big aesthetic changes that make a difference to your daily routines but the little functional ones, and new appliances can be an energy-efficient change. From slick looking induction hobs and easy-to-use microwave ovens, to powerful extractions hoods and fridge-freezers, all of our appliances are developed in close cooperation with Electrolux and Whirlpool Corporation.

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Light up dark spots

Perched above cabinets, as well as hidden inside and under them, our integrated kitchen lighting adds atmosphere, functionality and style to your kitchen. Spotlights are great for those smaller, hard-to-reach areas, and strip lighting is brilliant if you want to get a better look at what you’re making for dinner.

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Brains on the inside

A brand new kitchen may look the same as the one you have, but act differently. Improving the inside functionality is the difference between finding the garlic press while the oil is hot or interrupting your cooking to tear through your drawers.
Change to pull-out larders

You don't have to empty your cabinet to get the bowl in the back. Replace your old IKEA cabinet shelves with pull-out larders or drawers. They provide a better overview and make reaching way into the back a thing of the past.

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Organise the drawers

Drawer organisers keep everything from plates to chopsticks orderly and easy-to-find. And it doesn't stop at drawer organisers, you might want to have door-mounted storage, shelf inserts or something to sort your spices. It's also what's on the inside that counts.

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Use clear containers

Organise your drawers and cabinets with transparent containers. They maximise space and provide a quick overview. Fit containers together sideways or stacked, and watch how unruly packages of rice, flour and beans line up and behave.

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Make the most of your space

One of the secrets behind a great kitchen lies in the arrangement of workspace. Here's a few ideas to help you make the most of your everyday food preparation space whilst leaving some for those impromptu dinner parties.

De-clutter the worktop
Get more worktop space by hanging utensils, herbs, and more on the wall. A wall-hanging system gives you more room to chop and puts the things you use most in easy reach.

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Extend your workspace
Where should you put the mushrooms while you chop the onions? A fitted tray or chopping board over the sink gives you an extra drop-off zone and more workspace.

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Add open shelving
It's easy to get stuck thinking about cabinet space. But adding open shelving is a way to maximise empty walls and corners, while giving the kitchen an airy feeling. Shelves and brackets can be placed almost anywhere, and the length can be varied to accommodate your space and storage needs.

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Party proof kitchens

We perform a number of tests to guarantee our kitchens for 25 years:

Impact tested worktops: our worktops are used for all kinds of household tasks and DIY (when they're not having bans, plates and bottles dropped on them); so we test our laminates resistance to abrasion and cracking to make sure they are built to last.

Slam tested doors: to test that our doors and hinges can last, we hang a 2kg weight from the door, open and shut it 200,000 times, and then make sure that the INTEGRAL hinges can open a full 130 degrees and still close gently.

Weight tested shelves: to make sure the shelves in our kitchen cabinets don't sage we put a 27kg weight on a 80cm shelf, to simulate 60 plates (or 27 bottles of champagne) and keep it there for a week.

Slam tested drawers: we fill our drawers with an 8.2kg weight, and then open and shut it 200,000 times. People also tend to lean on the drawers, so we test them with a 25kg weight 10 times for 10 seconds and make sure they still close softly and smoothly.

Steam and heat tested worktops: we put our worktops in a climate chamber and even test the edges to ensure they can cope with temperatures up to 85 degrees celsius (185 degrees Fahrenheit), water (1 hour's soaking) and steam up to 60 degrees celsius (140 degrees Fahrenheit) without coming loose.

Stain tested surfaces: we throw grease and liquid on our surfaces and leave it for a day. After 23 hours, we add coffee and alcohol and leave it for another hour. Then we clean up the worst of the mess with kitchen paper and wait another day to clean it properly. After all this, we only approve stain-free surfaces.

Durable 18mm frames: our kitchens are made with extra thick 18mm FAKTUM frames for maximum strength as standard, bevause we believe good quality should be affordable for everyone. That's why we don't have two ranges of cabinet frames, because we believe you can have your dream kitchen regardless of your budget.

Our free 25 year guarantee

Our 25-year guarantee
We're so confident in the quality of our products that all our guarantees come free with the purchase, unlike many other retailers.

What's covered?
Defects in materials and workmanship in the following kitchens, valid from the date of purchase. (Your receipt will be required as proof of purchase.)

FAKTUM kitchen system
All parts of a FAKTUM kitchen are covered, with the exception of knobs, handles and worktops less than 3.8mm thick. Read the full FAKTUM guarantee for further details.

VÄRDE free standing kitchen
All the parts in the VÄRDE free standing kitchen range are covered, with the exception of VÄRDE knobs, handles, mixer taps, shelves and wall shelves in solid wood.

FAKTUM guarantee (PDF size 1.2MB)

Free 5 year appliance guarantee

Our 5-year guarantee
We offer a free 5-year guarantee with all appliances bought from IKEA.

What's covered?

Faulta with appliances caused by faulty construction or material faults, valid from the date of purchase from IKEA. (Your receipt will be required, as proof of purchase.)

LAGAN kitchen appliances are not covered by this guarantee but come with a separate 2-year gurantee, free of charge.

Appliance guarantee (PDF size 726KB)

Our 3-year installation guarantee
The workmanship in your kitchen installation is guaranteed for 3 years from the date your installation was completed.