Lower prices, same great quality

New lower price. Lower prices, same great quality.
From design and production to more efficient packaging and transport, we take every opportunity we can to reduce the prices. From living room to bedroom, we’re making it more affordable than ever to furnish your entire home with products that combine quality and style. Wherever you see “New Lower Price” it means we’ve found a way to offer your favourite products for less. Look out for it on a range of products here on our website and in our stores.
What’s the secret?
At IKEA we’re always striving to cut costs without compromising quality.
To test the quality of the chair, we actually had to revive a test method we hadn’t used in a long time. We use a method that tests pressure and bumps to the actual wings of the chair. STRANDMON has a ’50s style, but we use furniture differently today than we did back then.

Children may lie across the chair and adults may stand next to it, leaning on the wings. That puts an added strain on the sides of the chair, which is something STRANDMON should be able to cope with. It’s purpose, after all, is to create a better everyday life at home.
A green STRANDMON wing chair on a wooden vintage floor with some old newspaper around
Our tribute to wing chairs from the 50’s

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When you cook in a pressure cooker you save both time and electricity, because the cooking time decreases by up to 50 percent. Food also retains vitamins, flavours and colours better, which makes it more nutritious and better tasting.

VÄRDESÄTTA pressure cooker on a SMAKLIG induction hob
Fast, energy-saving cooking
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ASKVOLL wardrobe and bed frame
The mix of wood colours in the ASKVOLL series creates a contemporary feel that compliments lots of decors and creates a coordinated look. It’s easy to combine with textiles or accessories, too. Match your bedroom for less.

Coordinated, contemporary style
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MALM Desk, white
You can collect cables and extension leads on the shelf under the table top, so they’re hidden but still close at hand.

This MALM desk can be placed in the middle of a room because the back is finished, and the storage unit can be mounted to the right or left, according to your space or preference.

Make room at the desk
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DUKTIG play kitchen
Almost 7 years later, the DUKTIG play kitchen is one of the most popular and best-selling children’s products at IKEA. And even more importantly, kids love it!

“Role-play gives kids the freedom to mimic grown-ups through play, It’s not childish but it’s playful and encourages role-play, something we know is crucial in a child’s development of social and fine motor skills. With its wooden features and the right proportions, you can actually put it in your kitchen and it looks good.

Since the legs are adjustable, the product can grow with the children. It’s a great way to get children interested in the kitchen from an early age” product developer Richard Clack

A dream come true for every
young chef or baker!
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