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IKEA crack the world record for the largest Crayfish party ever recorded
Fri Aug 05 00:00:00 UTC 2011
[National]  On Wednesday 3rd August, IKEA set a brand new Guinness World Record for hosting the World’s Largest Crayfish Party.
The world record-breaking attempt saw 4,967 crayfish eating IKEA customers come together at the same time, across all 18 stores up and down the country. Partygoers managed to munch their way through 2.5 metric tonnes of crayfish to set the brand new world record.

The crayfish party is a long held Swedish tradition and takes place every year in Scandinavian countries to celebrate the first day of the crayfish harvest of these tasty crustaceans. The annual crayfish parties are usually a raucous event with tonnes of tasty crayfish being cooked up, themed hats, decorations and bibs, singing traditional crayfish songs, dancing and of course drinking the all important schnapps.

As a Swedish retailer, IKEA look forward to this annual event with as much gusto, and throw their own annual in-store parties each year to share some of the festivities with customers. This year IKEA has gone one step further by attempting to set a world record for the largest crayfish party.

Stuart Cowan, Commerciality Manager, IKEA Food UK & Ireland said of the event: “We had a fantastic evening! The crayfish parties at IKEA present an opportunity for people of all ages to come together and celebrate this traditional Swedish event. Setting a Guinness World Record was a great achievement for everyone involved. The party was topped off with traditional Swedish music, folks dancers as well as an ABBA tribute band to really stick to the Swedish theme!”

Beverly Aithwaite, IKEA FOOD Range and Purchasing Manager UK, commented - “Crayfish parties are a great reason for people to come together and enjoy "A Taste of Sweden". This year has been bigger than ever with thousands of customers across the country helping us to break the record for the biggest crayfish party. The night was a massive success with everyone getting into the Swedish spirit, adorning themselves with the crayfish decorated paper hats and bibs and tucking in to some great Swedish dishes. We love sharing this annual event with our customers, but if you missed it, don’t worry, we have loads of crayfish themed products in our Swedish Food market so everyone can enjoy a crayfish party, any day of the year!”

IKEA Wembley customers enjoying the party
IKEA Wembley customers enjoying crayfish
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Georgina Agutter at the IKEA press office at Cake.
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Notes to editor
Crayfish facts and stats:
1. Crayfish walk forward; they move backward only when swimming with their abdomen movements. Still, swimming backward is much more rapid.

2. Gordon Ramsey is an advocate of Crayfish quoting it as ‘more flavoursome than lobster’ (Times Online article, July 2006)

3. Did you know that crayfish come in different colours? They can come in blue, white and red. Red is the more common type and white is the least. There are many different names for crayfish including crawdads, crawfish, river crab, and mudbugs.4. The Swedish consume approx. 2000 tonnes of Crayfish every year

5. A single serving of boiled crayfish is 3 ounces, approximately 85 grams. Three ounces of crayfish meat contains 70 calories, with only 9 calories of this coming from fat.

Recipes and Quotes:

Quotes on Crayfish from Matt Robinson, Head Chef at Gordon Ramsey’s The Narrow, London:

What do you like about crayfish as an ingredient?“They’re very versatile; you can use them as a stand-alone ingredient or in soups, pasta dishes like crayfish ravioli, or as part of a garnish for a main course.”

What is the ideal way to serve and enjoy crayfish?“Straight from the river into boiling salted water served with some real mayo, lemon wedges, fresh bread and a cold beer. Heaven!”

Crayfish Recipe form the IKEA Summer Kitchen:

'Trio' Open Sandwich with Crayfish & Salmon:A slice of freshly baked Swedish bread (BRÖD MJUKKAKA), layer with crisp lettuce, top 1/3 with Crayfish tails (KRÄFTOR ) & a twist of fresh lemon, 1/3 with a twist of gravadlax salmon (LAX GRAVAD) topped with dill sauce (SÅS SENAP & DILL), 1/3 sliced egg topped with Seaweed topping (TÅNGKORN) topped with fresh dill.

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