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Sales Terms - Sales Distance IKEA Badalona

This document regulates the general terms and conditions for using the accessed website and the commercial relations arising between IKEA IBERICA S.A. and users or clients making an online purchase of the items offered through the following link:
IKEA hereby informs you that this service is intended for consumers using the IKEA products solely for domestic purposes and in all cases without using them for their business and/or professional activities. In the event of being a professional/company, clients must make their purchases through the online sales service available in the following link:
Users declare that they know that all products sold by IKEA are for domestic use and that they have been submitted to test methods in accordance with the respective guidelines and standards. The warranties provided by IKEA with respect to its products are subject to their being used solely for domestic purposes. Even though some IKEA products are recommended for domestic-professional and non-public use. Before purchasing an IKEA product clients should in all cases ensure that it is legally suitable for the use that is to be made of it. For that purpose, descriptive product data sheets are available for consultation in the store and in the website. IKEA declines all liability for any claims arising from using the IKEA product for any purpose other than the one for which it was designed.
Users declare that they know that IKEA has no certified management systems that are compliant with international standards (ISO9000, ISO 14000, EMAS, SA8000, etc.). IKEA’s objective is to ensure that the IKEA brand itself is a guarantee of trust for its customers, including the processes it executes and the products it sells, in all aspects related to quality issues, safety, the environment and other corporate responsibility issues.
For this reason IKEA has internal management systems and protocols in place which cover all its processes and which are audited internally, to ensure that they are correctly carried out in all our units. The manufacture of our products is subject to IKEA quality and environmental standards and corporate responsibility, based on international principles which are common to those established in standards such as those set out above. In addition, IKEA has internal auditors who constantly check that they are correctly implemented by all suppliers of IKEA products and services.
The following products are expressly excluded from online sales:
Natural plants, Opportunities articles, fabric per meters and food form Swedish Food Market.
IKEA may change these General Contractual Terms and Conditions at any time without notice by posting them in its website, to allow users to become familiar with them. Users should read these General Terms and Conditions carefully every time they access the IKEA website. Acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions is a prior and essential step before purchasing any product.

This website is operated under the name IKEA by: IKEA IBÉRICA S.A., with Tax Identification Number: A28812618 and address at Avda. Matapiñoneras nº9, post code 28703, San Sebastián de los Reyes (Madrid), entered in the Companies Registry of Madrid, volume 1251, sheet 102, page 23549.
Users may report to IKEA any incident relating to the use of this service from this link:

IKEA hereby informs you that the process for purchasing the products offered through its online sales service is expressly set out in the link:
The use of this service entails full and unconditional acceptance by the user of the whole content of the following General Terms and Conditions and of the content of the Privacy Policies of IKEA that are in force at any given time.
Before entering into contract and in all cases during the purchase process, users may access, file and print these general contractual terms and conditions for consultation purposes. At the present time, these contractual conditions are currently available in Spanish and Catalan.
All information and personal data furnished by users in using this website will be treated in accordance with the privacy policies of IKEA.
Users declare and expressly accept what is set out in the above sections by affixing their signature and then sending the order form or estimate to IKEA.
Users declare that they are of legal age and have the necessary and sufficient legal capacity to use this online sales service pursuant to the General Terms and Conditions enumerated here, and that they understand, comprehend and accept them in full.
This service will be available and limited only to the geographic area of:
Province of Tarragona, Lleida, Huesca, Teruel, Girona, Castelló o València.


a) Cookies policy
Cookies are small information files which the server sends to the computer of the person accessing the website. These cookies can be used to make browsing faster and easier, and they can also be used to know the habits of users when they visit the Internet. Pursuant to the terms of Royal Decree Law 13/2012 (30 March 2012), users must give their consent to the installation of cookies that store information, with the exception of those that facilitate browsing or which are necessary to provide a service expressly requested by the user. Users will receive clear, complete information beforehand, in cases in which their consent is required.
The website may use cookies for the purpose of carrying out certain functions considered essential for the correct operation and viewing of the site. The cookies used in the website are temporary in all cases, for the sole purpose of increasing the efficiency of transmission through the electronic communication network. In no case are the cookies used to collect information of a personal nature.

How do we use the cookies?
The cookies are used to improve the services we offer you. Some are strictly necessary to ensure the website functions correctly and others serve to improve its performance and your experience as a user.

The cookies that are strictly necessary are used to:
- Remind you of the items in your shopping list.
- Remind you of the point you are currently at in the order process.

The functional cookies are used to:
- Remind you of your login details.
- Guarantee your safety when you start the session.
- Ensure that the appearance of the website is consistent.
- Provide assistance in the form of live chats.

The performance cookies are used to:
- Improve the operation of the website, reducing the time taken for the pages you visit to be loaded.
- Improve the user's experience.

The target cookies are used to:
- Allow you to share and click on a "Like" button.
- Send information to other websites in order to customise their advertising. However, IKEA does not use this function.

Examples of use
- The cookies are used to improve some services, for instance:
- They enable the functionality of certain services such as payment services, which would not function without those cookies.
- They enable a service that recognises your device so that you do not have to enter the same information several times during the same task.
- They recognise your login and password in IKEA FAMILY so that you do not have to enter them in each page you want to see.
- They calculate how many people are using the services, which allows them to be changed to make them easier to use and guarantee there is sufficient capacity for them to operate rapidly.
- They analyse the data in order to help us understand how you use the online services in order to improve them.
If you do not enable the cookies, certain functions and pages will not operate correctly. For example, you will not be able to use the shopping list function.
You will also find more information about the cookies and how to control them at (English) or in the "Help" menu of your browser.


5.1.- Previous queries
IKEA offers users an online help service that provides information about products and items of interest, their characteristics, availability, approximate price (as this could be higher or lower, depending on the store) and any other additional information regarding the payment method, transport services, assembly and installation, delivery terms and/or any specific aspect of these General Contractual Terms and Conditions.
Users may access this service through the link: and will indicate the method to be used to obtain a response to the query; e-mail address, fax, telephone. Nonetheless, Ikea has the necessary tools to detect and warn users of any potential errors in entering their data during the purchase process, to enable them to correct those data.

5.2.- Form record:
For the purpose of processing the purchase order in question, users must first complete the form posted at the address to create a client account through which to process the orders. It is necessary to accept the privacy policy and also accept the general contractual terms and conditions.
Users should enter the data of the holder in the form, guaranteeing the truthfulness and accuracy of the data furnished and they are obliged to notify IKEA immediately of any changes made to them during the term of the agreement.
Nonetheless, Ikea has the necessary tools to detect and warn users of possible errors in entering their data during the purchase process, so that they can be corrected.
As soon as IKEA has validated the data, users will receive a message with a link for checking their e-mail address. Once the users have confirmed their address they will receive a new message enabling them to start placing orders as users via their e-mail after activating their user account, with the code they have selected in the registration form.

5.3.- Generating the order and selecting the items of interest:
Once the user account has been activated, the orders can be generated. To do this, users must accept the General Contractual Terms and Conditions.To generate their orders, users will select the items through the three options available in the website: by creating a shopping list through the IKEA website, by generating a planner for the items through the available tool or by adding items from the catalogue manually.
In all cases, the client expressly acknowledges:
- That the pictures are provided merely for illustrative purposes, for which reason users must read the literal description of the products shown in this website. In the event of doubt, users should contact IKEA by calling the customer service number or visit the nearest IKEA store.
- The user must read all the information posted about the essential product characteristics available in the website.
- The price of the products indicated in the website is approximate and may be higher or lower depending on the price set by each store, including any potential promotions which could apply. The client is informed of the final price including VAT or any applicable taxes in the final estimate drawn up for the user, in addition to the transport services, assembly and installation prices which must be selected in all cases before signing the agreement and accepted or rejected.
Users are obliged to check the data entered in the form and the accuracy of the items and services requested and in the event of detecting any discrepancy, they should return and carry out the previous steps again.

5.4.- Selecting other services for inclusion in the purchase:
IKEA wishes to provide users with the option of requesting additional services – transport services, assembly services, etc– in purchasing items provided by other specialised companies and pursuant to the conditions agreed by them and the client.
The client acknowledges that the contractual bond with these companies will in all cases be direct and that IKEA will not take part in providing such services. Consequently the companies providing those services and the user undertake to ensure that IKEA plays no part in the contractual arrangement between those parties.
Nonetheless, in order to guarantee the level of the service provided to clients and the required standard of quality and minimise the risk of incidents, since both issues could affect the client's purchasing experience, IKEA will establish a series of indications which will in all cases be determined based on the conditions agreed between the clients and the companies providing the services. At all events, before confirming the order and for the purpose of generating it, the client will be able to read it and then accept the general terms and conditions governing the transport, assembly and installation services through different links, and may not complete the process without first accepting those terms and conditions.
The client is hereby informed that the companies providing these services and the prices they offer may vary, depending on the geographic area in which the client is located. For this reason the client is recommended to consult this information beforehand using the links created for this purpose in the application.

5.5.- Confirming the order and sending the estimate:
Once the users have selected the items through the system they have selected, after checking that the items included coincide with the initial selection, they will validate the order by confirming the billing and delivery data, if they are different, and the user data.
When the user has confirmed the order, IKEA will provide that user with the following information:
- Any unforeseen circumstance which could affect the product availability, offering alternatives as established at pint 5.7.
- The delivery term, which will depend on the product availability, and it will in no case be more than 30 days.
- The cost of any complementary services requested, and the company from which they must be requested, indicating the payment method and any other conditions that could apply in requesting these services. The information provided by IKEA in this regard will include the rates offered by the company providing the complementary services, for informative purposes.
- An estimate for the selected products with their final price, once they have been compared with the prices established in the selected store, indicating the validity term of the estimate which will in all cases be no more than thirty days and include fixed distance sales management costs amounting to 39€.

5.6. Acceptance of the estimate and payment:
If the client is in agreement with the estimate sent by IKEA, that client will accept it and pay it. IKEA offers the following payment methods for this service:

5.6. A. Payment by bank transfer:
Payment will be made by transfer to the account 21001855650200059992 that we will send at the confirmation of the order. The client will have to send the bank payment confirmation slip. The user will pay within a term of 15 days from date of sending of the estimate, otherwise IKEA will cancel the order.

5.6. B. Payment by card (except IKEA card):
In this case, during the contractual process, users will enter their data when they make their purchases. All the information provided for this purpose is encrypted to guarantee their maximum safety and housed in a safe server in accordance with the SSL protocol.
Use of the IKEA card using this payment protocol does not give the holder the right to enjoy the finance conditions agreed with Finconsum or in all cases, offered by IKEA in general.

5.7. Availability and Delivery Term
The availability of each product will depend on customer demand. Even so, it is possible for the stocks of a product whose availability has been confirmed by IKEA to run out, and in this case, IKEA will notify the user of this situation by e-mail and/or by telephone and offer the user the following alternatives.
- Delivery of the product within a longer term than the one initially given.
- Replacement of the product with another that has similar characteristics, functionalities, quality and price.
- Reimbursement of the price collected within a term of 30 days from the date on which the client indicates that this is the chosen alternative.
In the event that the user purchases products which are available during a term of no more than 30 days and products with a longer delivery term in the same order, the delivery will be made when all the goods are available. However if the user wishes, he can request a second transport service, in which case the user must pay the cost of that service.

Even though IKEA does its best to ensure that its processes function in the best possible way, it also has means to solve any unforeseen incidents that could occur.
In the event of any incident occurring in the processing of your order or if any problem occurs in the purchasing process or after that process and in receiving the goods connected with payment or with the items received, you can contact us at our Customer Service Department by calling 900 400 922 from 10 h to 22 h., or the following link:

All products purchased through this service enjoy the same warranty as those purchased directly in the IKEA store. The warranty conditions are made available to users in the link: .
In all cases, the client has a two-year warranty from the date of purchase of the product. This warranty term can be extended to five, ten, fifteen or twenty years and covers manufacturing faults and/or material faults, depending on the product. For this reason we recommend that in all cases you consult the specific conditions of the warranty and its cover in the indicated link in addition to the maintenance instructions, in order to ensure the best possible treatment of the product.
In the event of a fault being detected in a product purchased online, that product must be examined by IKEA to ascertain whether it is a fault, in which case IKEA will pay the transport costs incurred and those incurred in furnishing a new article, in the event that this option is decided on, pursuant to the legislation concerning warranties.

The user will have a term of 7 business days from the time of receiving the product within which to withdraw from the agreement without having to give his reasons. We facilitate the document . In all cases IKEA will request the user to pay all direct costs incurred in returning the article, which will be the same as those charged for the delivery. IKEA will refund the amounts paid for purchasing the products to the user within a term of 30 days from the withdrawal. Even so, not refund of the 39€ as distance sales cost management.
However, if IKEA is able to supply a product with the same quality and price to replace the one requested by the consumer, all direct costs incurred in returning the product, in the event of exercising the right of withdrawal, will be paid by IKEA.
In all cases with the receipt thereof, essential for any return, all products may be returned within a term of 365 provided change of mind. In this case, the refund will be made, once verified the condition of the goods, within a maximum period of 14 calendar days by the same means which would have made the purchase. Without prejudice to the provisions of the regulations regarding the legal withdrawal period of 14 days, if the product has not been tested ans is in its original packaging, IKEA refund the full purchase of the same method payment that the customer used. Otherwise, IKEA will provide the customer a Return Card with no expiration for the entire amount.

This agreement will be governed by Spanish law which will apply in all matters not foreseen in this agreement regarding the interpretation, validity and execution thereof.
In the event of any disagreement arising resulting from the purchase of products through the online sales service, these General Terms and Conditions and for the purpose of settling all disputes, the parties agree of their own free will to submit to the courts of the city in which the user's domicile is located, waiving their right to any other legal system or jurisdiction that could be open to them.

Pursuant to the terms of article 5 of Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December, on Personal Data Protection, we would like to inform you about the following aspects:
1) The personal data we ask you to furnish are used for the purpose of providing the online sales service and for informing you of future promotions. These data will be incorporated into a file entered in the General Data Protection Register (entry code nº 2131960803) under the name ONLINE SALES CLIENTS. The party responsible for processing it is IKEA Ibérica, S.A. (hereinafter, IKEA) with address at Avenida de Matapiñonera, number 9, San Sebastián de los Reyes (Madrid). Based on an agreement signed with IKEA, the company PLESTON SOLUTIONS S.L will act as the party responsible for processing the data and the data will in no case be used for any purposes other than those involved in providing the online sales service.
2) The responses to the forms we may ask you to complete are optional, with the exception of the information marked with the following symbol: "*", which must be completed. Should you decide not to furnish us with the mandatory information, we will not be able to provide the service.
3) You may exercise your rights of opposition, access, correction and cancellation regarding your personal data by writing to IKEA Ibérica, S.A. at the following address: Avenida Matapiñonera nº 9, San Sebastián de los Reyes (Madrid), or if you prefer, by sending an e-mail to:
4) The data may be assigned or transferred to other companies belonging to the IKEA Group, if that assignment is necessary for providing the contracted service. For that purpose, you unequivocally authorise us to make that assignment. IKEA undertakes to respect the confidentiality of the personal data you have furnished to us and to guarantee its safety and ensure that all the IKEA Group companies accessing your information also fulfil such undertakings. The IKEA Group companies which may access your information are the following, among others: IKEA IBERICA, IKEA NORTE and IKEA SUPPLY A.G.
5) Your personal data will be cancelled by IKEA when they are no longer necessary for providing the contracted service and for carrying out promotional campaigns, and in all cases, following your request.