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IKEA Small furniture

Small on size, big on fun

It’s a lot more fun taking a seat in a chair created just for you! The shapes, colours, materials and sizes of our children’s tables and chairs are designed with your little one in mind. Pieces are lightweight and easy to carry, yet durable enough to handle the rough and tumble of everyday play.

IKEA Small furniture
IKEA PS 2012 children's table, green Length: 37 cm Height: 25 cm Width: 37 cm
IKEA PS 2012
children's table
EGP 275.00
Length: 37 cm, Height: 25 cm, Width: 37 cm
TROGEN footstool, red Depth: 38 cm Height: 33 cm Width: 40 cm
EGP 215.00
Depth: 38 cm, Height: 33 cm, Width: 40 cm
BUSA children's tent Length: 72 cm Height: 72 cm Width: 72 cm
children's tent
EGP 150.00
Length: 72 cm, Height: 72 cm, Width: 72 cm
EKORRE hook Diameter: 9 cm Package quantity: 2 pack
EGP 30.00
/2 pack
Diameter: 9 cm, Package quantity: 2 pack
FÖRSIKTIG children's stool, green, white Depth: 24 cm Height: 13 cm Width: 37 cm
children's stool
EGP 25.00
Depth: 24 cm, Height: 13 cm, Width: 37 cm
IKEA PS LÖMSK swivel armchair, light blue, blue Depth: 62 cm Seat height: 17 cm Height: 75 cm
swivel armchair
EGP 945.00
Depth: 62 cm, Seat height: 17 cm, Height: 75 cm
LÄTT children's table with 2 chairs, pine, white Table length: 63 cm Table width: 48 cm Table height: 45 cm
children's table with 2 chairs
EGP 495.00
Table length: 63 cm, Table width: 48 cm, Table height: 45 cm
MAMMUT children's stool, white Diameter: 30 cm Height: 30 cm Width: 35 cm
children's stool
EGP 60.00
Diameter: 30 cm, Height: 30 cm, Width: 35 cm
POÄNG children's armchair, Almås natural, birch veneer Depth: 60 cm Seat width: 38 cm Seat depth: 36 cm
children's armchair
EGP 545.00
Depth: 60 cm, Seat width: 38 cm, Seat depth: 36 cm
SANSAD children's table, red, pine blue Length: 100 cm Min. height: 48 cm Max. height: 60 cm
children's table
EGP 745.00
Length: 100 cm, Min. height: 48 cm, Max. height: 60 cm
SUNDVIK children's chair, white Depth: 29 cm Seat width: 28 cm Seat depth: 26 cm
children's chair
EGP 215.00
Depth: 29 cm, Seat width: 28 cm, Seat depth: 26 cm
SUNDVIK children's table, white Length: 76 cm Height: 50 cm Width: 50 cm
children's table
EGP 495.00
Length: 76 cm, Height: 50 cm, Width: 50 cm
SUNDVIK rocking-chair, white Depth: 69 cm Seat width: 33 cm Seat depth: 28 cm
EGP 435.00
Depth: 69 cm, Seat width: 33 cm, Seat depth: 28 cm
UTTER children's table with 2 stools, red Table length: 58 cm Table width: 42 cm Table height: 43 cm
children's table with 2 stools
EGP 325.00
Table length: 58 cm, Table width: 42 cm, Table height: 43 cm

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