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Bedroom textiles & rugs

Or you could keep counting sheep

Getting a good night's sleep is no problem when you have soft bed linens to wrap up in. Curtains that let you get up with the sun (or sleep until noon). Quilts and pillows perfectly suited to the way you sleep. And cosy bedroom rugs to greet you when you (finally) get up.

Make lie-ins more irresistible
White/blue quilt cover and pillowcases, grey/white cushion covers and grey sheepskin OFELIA VASS white quilt cover and pillowcases with GISLEV grey rugTurquoise quilt cover/pillowcases, cushions, multicoloured throw and blue rugMulticoloured quilt cover and pillowcases, black/white rug and white/black panel curtainsRed/white quilt cover and pillowcases, red rug and white curtains
A gallery of stylish softness
Find a big selection of softness in our bedroom gallery. From duvet covers and bedding to cushions and rugs, you’re sure to find something snuggle worthy that suits your style too.
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Quilt cover and pillowcases with different patterns and colours
Declare a truce
The best way to settle a pillow fight is with a cuddle
Soften things up, express your style and revitalise your room with one simple thing: textiles. From pillow fights to long winter nights, we have the pillows, quilts and throws to get the job done.
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