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Textiles & rugs

We're a bunch of softies

It's the soft, fluffy textiles that make a place your own – with a rug in your favourite colour or curtains you've sewn yourself. Where getting a new look is as easy as changing your bed linens. A place that invites you to get comfy and stay a while. All of the things that bring a home to life.

Goodbye cords, hello peace of mind
You may not realise this, but the cords on blinds and curtains pose a strangulation risk for small children. We believe children are the most important people in the world, which is why we work hard to make homes safer. So, we set about adapting our range of blinds and curtains to make your windows as safe as possible. We spent four years coming up with safe alternatives, and where we couldn’t, we simply removed the product from our range.
As of 1/1/2016 IKEA will only offer blinds and curtains without cords, or with non-accessible cords.
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No cord at all
We’ve developed a range of blinds that are completely cordless. To raise or lower TUPPLUR blackout blinds and LISELOTT blinds simply grab the plastic tab in the middle and pull. RINGBLOMMA, on the other hand, employs magnets that allow you to raise and lower the blind to one of several predetermined heights.
Cords safely hidden away
Cellular honeycomb blind, HOPPVALS, not only insulates your windows, it also makes them safer. Here we’ve hidden the cord away in the fabric, which has been thoroughly tested to ensure it won’t rip and let determined little fingers get through.
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No drawstring
To make our curtains as safe as possible we’ve removed all drawstrings. So now, when you choose curtains, like AINA, you can rest assured that people won’t be seeing in and the kids won’t be getting tangled up.
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TILLFÄLLE collection - limited edition
A bench with a pile of cushions on bold colours and patterns.
Have a flirt with Brazil
Brazil’s bold natural beauty and wonderful patterns are all infused into our limited edition TILLFÄLLE collection. Think of the stunning architecture, huge leaves sprouting out of ancient trees, and the rich, deep colours of nature when you look at the motifs we used for the collection’s fabrics and cushion covers.
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      TILLFÄLLE Cushion cover EGP 35.00 TILLFÄLLE Cushion cover EGP 35.00 TILLFÄLLE Cushion cover EGP 35.00
Because everyone deserves a cabana
 A tent on the beach, made of metre fabric with lots of white/blue cushions inside.
A long day at the beach is made even better with a small textile tent, a joyful mess of scatter cushions and a light rug. Just remember to turn the phone to silent.
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SOMMAR 2016 Cushion cover EGP 75.00 SOMMAR 2016 Cushion cover EGP 75.00 SOMMAR 2016 Cushion cover EGP 75.00 SOMMAR 2016 Cushion cover EGP 75.00
Introducing some traditional-styled textiles
An old cabinet filled with pillowcases, quilt covers, cushions and sheets in beige, grey and white.
We’re now launching a whole new selection of textiles, designed for creating a fresh and homely style. Among these textiles are some designs created in collaboration with the Museum of Printed Textiles in Mulhouse, France.
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DAGGVIDE Cushion cover EGP 79.00
Rugs that give personality to the room
24 inspiring ideas with textiles
Different coloured and different patterned tote bags hanging from wall hooks and a hat rack.A bedouin-style tent over a balcony. There is a person lying on the soft drinking tea with candles on the floor and table to add cosiness. A bird’s eye view of layers of black and white rugs in different textures and with different patterns on the floor or a living room.Bedroom with IKEA bed, sidetables, chest of drawers all in wood.A living room with a blue and brown checked sofa with brown and white checked cushions on top, a blue and brown checked foot stool in front on top of a brown rug and a brown arm chair to the left side.Double bed and sidetables. IKEA curtains, rug, lampshades and bed linen in dark colours.

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