Product Recycling Fund
The price of this item includes a contribution to a Product recycling fund to ensure that waste electrical and electronic equipment is collected and recycled in a responsible manner.
IKEA PS 菲耶 自动浇水花盆, 白色 高度: 35 厘米 外径: 39 厘米 花盆最大直径: 32 厘米
¥ 149.00
高度: 35 厘米, 外径: 39 厘米, 花盆最大直径: 32 厘米
SÖTCITRON 索希桐 自动浇水花盆, 室内/户外 白色, 白色 长度: 29 厘米 宽度: 11 厘米 高度: 14 厘米
¥ 79.00
长度: 29 厘米, 宽度: 11 厘米, 高度: 14 厘米
SÖTCITRON 索希桐 自动浇水花盆, 白色 室内/户外, 白色 长度: 13 厘米 宽度: 11 厘米 高度: 14 厘米
¥ 49.00
长度: 13 厘米, 宽度: 11 厘米, 高度: 14 厘米
  • Self-watering plant pots to keep your plants healthy

    Not everyone has the time to water all of their plants regularly and, if you’re often away from the house, it can be especially difficult to keep plants healthy and fresh. Our JUBEL self-watering plant pots draw water up from the outer pot into the inner pot using a piece of fabric, ensuring that watering occurs automatically. You can turn the inner pot around to see either its green, yellow or red side through a circular hole in the outer pot, adding a dash of style to the functional design. This allows you to complement the colours of your room. It works well and looks good, too.

  • Self watering plant pots are affordable, stylish, and they make plants happy

    Our minimalist NEKTARIN plant pots are sleek, understated and won’t break the bank. These pots incorporate a self-watering insert to keep soil hydrated. They come in both 17cm and 21cm sizes to suit different types of plants. For bigger plants, our IKEA PS FEJÖ pot is 32cm in diameter and will preserve moisture over long periods of time. Check out our range of easy-to-grow plants at your nearest IKEA store, and start filling your self-watering plant pots today.