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Desks & tables

Look forward to your desk job

The trick is to find the desk that’s right for the job. That’s why we have desks to fit all sizes of spaces and all sorts of styles – even ones you can design exactly the way you want. Because when you love the desk you have, being stuck behind it all day isn’t such a bad thing.

Find the space that spurs your creativity
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A white desk with a black swivel chair on castors and a wall cabinet, inside the bedroom.
A home office inside the living room with a desk in ash veneer and a swivel chair. Combined with white drawer units and open wall storage.
A black workstation with space for two screens, speakers and storage on top, shown inside a living room.
A corner in the living room with a white desk and a swivel chair.
A home office with a white desk that is adjustable in height. Combined with a black standing support stool and drawer units in grey and green.
A natural fit for the workspace
A light room with a desk in ash veneer and a white chair. See more desks
In an elegant design and made from specially crafted ash wood, LISABO desk is easy to place in any room.
LISABO Desk ¥ 999.00
Study in style
Close-up of a pink desk leg with ornaments.
With traditional ornaments and in soft pink or white, the beautiful FALKHÖJDEN desk may even get your own inspiration flowing. Available with an add-on unit for storing anything from notebooks to desk accessories.
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FALKHÖJDEN Desk ¥ 499.00
A work lamp with wireless charging and a work lamp with wireless charging, shown on a desk.
Charge your phone while clearing your desk
Just put your phone to rest on the RIGGAD work lamp.
Read more about wireless charging
RIGGAD Work lamp with wireless charging ¥ 499.00 RIGGAD Work lamp with wireless charging ¥ 499.00

Can’t find a desk you like?
Design your own.


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  • Desks and tables for every home office

    Work, paying the bills or hobbies can be a lot more convenient and comfortable with one of our home office desks. So check out our great value range of workstations, desks and tables, from options that fold away to save you space to our office-approved GALANT series. We’ve also got laptop tables and supports so you can use your laptop in comfort just about anywhere. You can choose from lots of designs, sizes and materials and match them with our bookcases and other furniture for a coordinated look. And many of our desks and bureaus have built-in storage and cord outlets to help keep all that cable spaghetti under control.

  • Create dream desks for your home office

    If you don’t see any desks that fit your exact needs and tastes, you can always create your own bespoke one with our VIKA table tops and legs. You’ll find tops in different sizes, shapes and materials and a big variety of supports, from simple legs and trestles to ones with shelves for storing equipment or files. You combine them together to get the desks or tables you want. Check out our suggested combinations or use the VIKA planner under the “How to…” link to create your own. And don’t forget we have just about every other home office essential to complement our desks, from swivel chairs to work lamps.