Product Recycling Fund
The price of this item includes a contribution to a Product recycling fund to ensure that waste electrical and electronic equipment is collected and recycled in a responsible manner.
Orange and white TV storage unit in a stylish living room
BILD Poster ¥ 19.00  HELG Table lamp ¥ 199.00IKEA PS 2012 Coffee table ¥ 399.00INREDA LED spotlight ¥ 299.00KARLSTAD Two-seat sofa ¥ 2,499.00KNAPRIG Vase ¥ 19.90KNAPRIG Vase ¥ 39.90MARMORBLAD Curtains, 1 pair ¥ 99.00MARMORBLAD Curtains, 1 pair ¥ 99.00SAMSPELT Decoration ¥ 199.00SKÄRBLAD Cushion cover ¥ 29.00TISDAG LED floor lamp ¥ 799.00  SKÄRBLAD Cushion cover ¥ 29.00TJÄREBY Rug, flatwoven ¥ 1,499.00RIBBA Frame ¥ 59.00
White IKEA PS coffee tables
Wheels mean freedom
Flexibility is a brilliant thing in a home. And one way to get that in your living room is with a pair of coffee tables on castors. Then you can use one as a side table when needed, or roll them both away when it’s time for yoga.
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SNIKA Box with lid, set of 3 ¥ 99.00KVITTRA Box with lid ¥ 29.90IKEA PS 2012 Coffee table ¥ 399.00KARLSTAD Two-seat sofa ¥ 2,499.00TJÄREBY Rug, flatwoven ¥ 1,499.00
KNAPRIG vases and a rattan lamp, a decorative grouping of glass vases and a green deer
Now, that’s interesting!
When it comes to interior design, just a sprinkling of the unique is enough to catch the interest of the eye. Like a green, pixelated deer or a couple of vases with a handmade feel.
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KNAPRIG Vase ¥ 19.90HELG Table lamp ¥ 199.00KNAPRIG Vase ¥ 39.90CYLINDER Vase, set of 3 ¥ 99.00  SAMSPELT Decoration ¥ 199.00