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Heart of the home
Your dream kitchen?
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A kitchen is more than a set of cabinets and doors – it’s the heart of your home. So we think it makes sense to dream big – whether it’s floor to ceiling cabinets or worktops that never end. That’s why we make sure our kitchens are affordable. And why we offer lots of help along the way – from planning it to putting it together at home. Because with IKEA kitchens, it’s all possible – and aren’t dreams more fun when they come true?
A tiny kitchen made for a family
The un-deserted kitchen island
Make a kitchen statement
Maximize your workspace
Fall in love with your kitchen
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A child sitting playing on a kitchen worktop
A kitchen where both kids and basil get space to grow
Who says you need a garden to grow your own food?
Several plants growing in a dish drainer with a tray below
Splash away
Small seedlings love water – but not too much. Just put them in a FINTORP dish drainer with a tray below, and everyone in the family can join in on keeping the dinner herbs moist and happy.
Plants growing in containers hanging on a kitchen wall
Grow your garden up the wall
If you want to free up working space, you can grow your greens on the wall instead. Just put up a rail, hang some containers and you’re all set to grow one of the seven wonders.
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Plants growing in a kitchen trolley
Mobile gardening for all levels
A mobile garden is perfect to keep the herbs handy only when you need them. And the best part is that all family members, tall and short, can take care of their own plants.
TOMAT Spray bottle ¥ 7.90 UNGDOM Mug ¥ 39.90
Open displays of affection
Display of steel shelves in yellow and whiteSee more wall shelves
Show off your best loved cookbooks and collectibles with a little help from the BOTKYRKA wall shelf. With its open, modern design it’s just the thing to give your walls a little personality boost.
Space to hang out
Close-up of a coffee cup and a shopping list
Whether it’s cleaning spills or writing shopping lists; the FINTORP kitchen roll holder means that you always have a quick fix at your fingertips. Best of all it can be hung to a kitchen rail, perfect for when space is at a premium.
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