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We hope you’ve got an appetite

Enjoy a delicious taste of Sweden at your IKEA store. Take a break in the Restaurant with a Swedish-style dish or local favourite. After checkout, grab a quick pick-me-up at the Bistro. And, before you go, explore the Swedish Food Market for take-home meals and treats. We’ve made sure it’s all sustainable, so it’s better for you and the planet.

SUMMER collection
A display of beverages and food from the IKEA Swedish food market, such as pies, biscuits, crisps, smoothies, drinks, ice tea and coffee, shown outdoors on a table.
An oval plant pot in galvanised steel used as an ice bucket, filled with beer bottles.
From family meals at home to carefree picnics under open skies, the IKEA food store has something for everyone - including beer to quench your summer thirst.
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Feed a family of [X] for less than [£XX]
There aren’t many dishes more Swedish than meatballs and mash. And it’s a firm favourite for good reason: it’s quick, easy and oh so yummy. Meatballs, mash, lingonberry jam and cream sauce are all available in the IKEA Swedish Food Market. So now you can bring this taste of Sweden to your family dinner table for a lot less than you might’ve thought.
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Mashed potatoes, meatballs, gravy and lingon berry jam displayed on a white porcelain plate with a fork and knife next to it.
Throw a party to remember
The IKEA Swedish Food Market has plenty of tasty treats to make a kids’ party memorable – and affordable. A healthy, balanced diet is always sensible – but it’s fun to indulge that sweet tooth now and then. While you’re in the IKEA store, remember to pick up all those other party essentials, such as napkins and tableware.
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Children playing at a party outdoors
Young boy dressed as a pirate at a children's party
Salmon in the spotlight
Salmon (lax’ in Swedish) has long been a staple food in Scandinavia. Delicious and healthy, it’s high in protein, rich in essential omega-3 oils and packed with vitamins and minerals. We’re committed to sustainable farming so, from August 2015, all of our salmon comes from fisheries certified by the Agriculture Stewardship Council (ASC)
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Salmon wrap from the IKEA Restaurant
Taste it in-store
Visit the IKEA Restaurant to try our mouthwatering salmon dishes.
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Packet of LAX GRAVAD marinated salmon, from IKEA Swedish Food Market
Enjoy it at home
Pick up your salmon at the IKEA Swedish Food Market. (We sell cool bags too.)
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Friends enjoy salmon at a beach picnic