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IKEA Children’s lighting

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BÄVE LED ceiling track, 3-spots, white Luminous flux: 500 lm Length: 78 cm Width: 2.8 cm
LED ceiling track, 3-spots
¥ 399.00
Luminous flux: 500 lm, Length: 78 cm, Width: 2.8 cm
LYSBOJ ceiling lamp, white Max.: 20 W Diameter: 31 cm Height: 18 cm
ceiling lamp
¥ 19.90
Max.: 20 W, Diameter: 31 cm, Height: 18 cm
RYMDEN LED ceiling track, 3-spots, nickel-plated Luminous flux: 700 lm Length: 51.5 cm Power: 9 W
LED ceiling track, 3-spots
¥ 299.00
Luminous flux: 700 lm, Length: 51.5 cm, Power: 9 W
A white baby cot with matching changing tableA children's room with a desk in pine with white legs, a white chair and storage in pine with green plastic boxesA children's room with two white shelf units with storage boxes in different sizesA white bed with canopy and quilt cover set with a triangular pattern in bright colours
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SMILA BAGGE wall lamp, green Length: 32 cm Width: 23 cm Height: 6.5 cm
wall lamp
¥ 39.90
Length: 32 cm, Width: 23 cm, Height: 6.5 cm
SMILA HJÄRTA wall lamp Width: 29 cm Depth: 7 cm Height: 30 cm
wall lamp
¥ 49.00
Width: 29 cm, Depth: 7 cm, Height: 30 cm
SMILA MÅNE wall lamp, yellow Width: 22 cm Depth: 7 cm Height: 31 cm
wall lamp
¥ 39.90
Width: 22 cm, Depth: 7 cm, Height: 31 cm
SMYG wall lamp, white Width: 195 mm Cord length: 250 cm
wall lamp
¥ 49.00
Width: 195 mm, Cord length: 250 cm
SNÖIG pendant lamp, white Diameter: 27 cm Min. height: 33 cm Max. height: 150 cm
pendant lamp
¥ 199.00
Diameter: 27 cm, Min. height: 33 cm, Max. height: 150 cm
SYNAS LED lighting box, transparent Length: 24 cm Width: 24 cm Height: 24 cm
LED lighting box
¥ 249.00
Length: 24 cm, Width: 24 cm, Height: 24 cm
TROSS ceiling track, 3-spots, white Length: 36 cm Wall fitting diameter: 13 cm
ceiling track, 3-spots
¥ 39.90
Length: 36 cm, Wall fitting diameter: 13 cm