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Hand-made panel curtains with different patterns made of IKEA fabrics
    KVARTAL Triple track rail ¥ 99.00        STOCKHOLM Fabric ¥ 59.00STOCKHOLM Fabric ¥ 59.00    STOCKHOLM Sideboard ¥ 2,999.00      TRÅDKLÖVER Fabric ¥ 59.00TRÅDKLÖVER Fabric ¥ 59.00
Someone is sewing panel curtains
Make your own curtain
Creating things from your favourite fabrics is a fun way to make your home more you. So if you fancy your own version of the triangle-shaped curtains in our main picture, just click on the link below.
How to sew a triangle-shaped curtain (PDF)
TRÅDKLÖVER Fabric ¥ 59.00
Close-up of KVARTAL wall fitting, triple track rail and top rail
Three layers of softness
For ready-made curtains or panels and even curtains you make yourself, KVARTAL tracks make your dreams come true. This triple track, for example, gives you three layers for lots of softness and a feeling of depth.
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  KVARTAL Wall fitting ¥ 29.00KVARTAL Wall fitting ¥ 29.00KVARTAL Triple track rail ¥ 99.00
Get inspiration for your home
The KVARTAL track system makes all sorts of curtain solutions possible. Check out the film for ideas from multi-layered window treatments to soft curtains draped all around a cosy bed.
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TRÅDKLÖVER Fabric ¥ 59.00
¥ 59.00 /meter
Width: 150 cm, Pattern repeat: 92 cm, Area: 1.50 m²
STOCKHOLM Fabric ¥ 59.00
¥ 59.00 /meter
Width: 150 cm, Pattern repeat: 92 cm, Area: 1.50 m²
KVARTAL Wall fitting ¥ 29.00
Wall fitting
¥ 29.00
Length: 14.5 cm, Max. load: 5 kg
STOCKHOLM Sideboard ¥ 2,999.00
¥ 2,999.00
Width: 160 cm, Depth: 40 cm, Height: 81 cm