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La période des réjouissances

Les traditions sont différentes partout dans le monde. Mais la joie de créer un intérieur chaleureux et invitant où vivre des moments magiques est un plaisir partagé. Décorations, papier d’emballage, plaisirs gourmands (et tous les accessoires pour cuisiner les vôtres), voilà de quoi mettre tout le monde dans l’esprit des Fêtes. Ravissement garanti !

Celebrate kid’s creativity these holidays
A boy decorating a christmas tree with colourful decorations.
These holidays we’re handing over the decoration tips to the most creative people we could find — the kids of the family, to put their own spin on decorating, baking and wrapping for the festive season. Have a look to see what they came up with.
A small child holding up a present wrapped in golden gift wrap. VINTERMYS Papier d'emballage 2,99$
A small child hanging up decorations on a christmas tree
A small child wrapped up in green wrapping paper VINTERMYS Papier d'emballage 2,99$
A traditional time for togetherness
A table covered in swedish holiday treats like gingerbread cookies, nuts and raisins and a spiced holiday drink.
The holiday season is a magical time to celebrate with friends and family. With some traditional style red decorations, and cosy touches like slippers, lights or even a fabric tree it’s easy to kick back and enjoy the season together.
VINTERFINT Bol 1,99$ VINTERFINT Chope 2,50$ OFFENTLIG Plateau 6,99$
Enjoy the holidays under golden stars
A table covered in decorations under some golden star holiday decorations.
Bring some brightness to your home this holidays with our shiny range of golden decorations. Featuring beautiful lights, candles and wrapping paper there’s also hanging decorations and tablecloths.
  STRÅLA Lanterne à DEL 6,99$ STRÅLA Lanterne à DEL 6,99$ STRÅLA Lanterne à DEL 6,99$ STRÅLA Lanterne à DEL 6,99$ STRÅLA Lanterne à DEL 6,99$ VINTERMYS Décoration boule 8,99$