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Home visit: a handmade home on a budget

Use creativity and crafts to transform your space. When you move into a new home, unexpected costs can often drain your decorating budget. But there are other, more affordable ways to make changes. See how Hester updated her seaside home.
Reduce costs on your move with creative decorating.
Reuse and upcycle existing pieces
When moving into a new home, old furniture can be used to give a new room a familiar feel. ‘Almost all of our furniture is from our old house, just used in a different way,’ says Hester. ‘Many of the chairs are vintage IKEA that have moved to five different houses with me, and I repainted an old dresser to match my seaside colour scheme here.’
Personalize a new kitchen with your favourite colours.
Update with colour
The kitchen was Hester’s first project in the new house after she had moved in. Updating the cupboard doors and handles gave the room a fresh look without the need for a whole new kitchen. To avoid expensive re-tiling, she’s used a colourful backsplash to brighten up the space.
Moving and unpacking takes time, display personal items first so you feel at home
Add personal finishing touches
The quickest way to feel at home in a new place is to set up your personal and sentimental items, like family photos. Photos are personal, so make the way you display them unique too. Hester created a gallery in the living room using an empty frame, string and mini pegs. ‘It’s easy to update regularly with different pictures – although they’re almost always photos of Kermit!’
Don't forget about your office space after you move in.
Create a workspace to suit your needs
Make your workspace feel like the most inspirational spot in your home after you move in. Hester uses the wall behind her desk as a mood board for her craft projects – she uses washi tape so it’s quick and easy to update. Hester’s desk came from a reclamation yard. It doesn’t have enough storage for her, so she keeps all her craft essentials in a portable trolley next to it.
Decorating your new bedroom is easy with personalized graffiti.
Design your own bedroom mural
Mix monochrome walls with rich-coloured bedding in your new space. Painting shelves the same colour as the wall keeps the attention on the objects you’ve chosen to display. Hester customized the wall above her bed when she couldn’t find a wallpaper that was right for her: ‘I took a Sharpie and just doodled all over it with Dutch phrases, as I’m from Holland, and jokes and cartoons. Reading it gives me a positive start to the day.’
Personalize an outdoor space with colourful plants and lighting.
How I made my home
How would you describe your style?
‘I like to mix and match old with new. And I love the texture of reclaimed timber, especially when it has patina or chipped-off paint.’

Where do you get your inspiration?
‘When I was growing up, my family was always making stuff. Mum was making clothes and soft furnishings, and she taught me how to use the sewing machine, and my dad was brilliant, he could build anything with timber. Now, I find Instagram amazing, as I can see into homes from all over the world.’

What advice would you give to someone renovating their home?
‘The most important thing to remember when doing crafts or a DIY project is just to do it. If it goes wrong, you can take it apart and start again. I like to do it without overthinking it – it’s quite nice when it’s a bit wonky!’
A floorplan of Hester’s home
A rental home split over three floors
Hester’s home may be narrow, but there are three floors to keep tidy. ‘My head is quite busy so I like having an organized space, otherwise it’s chaos,’ says Hester. ‘I use lots of smart IKEA storage solutions. It helps that the living room is upstairs, away from the projects I’m working on downstairs.’ Make the most of your new space when you move in by personalizing it to suit your own unique style.
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Interior stylist: Ashlyn Gibson
Photographer: Christina Bull
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