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Find the right light bulb
The old-fashioned incandescent bulb is gone. It was a real electricity thief and on average only lasted for one year. Nowadays we have these three options for you to choose from: LEDARE LED bulbs, SPARSAM low energy CFLi bulbs and HALOGEN halogen bulbs. Long-lasting and energy-efficient LEDARE LED bulbs are the best value for money and the best for the planet.

Below is a quick overview of our bulbs and how they compare in brightness with the old-fashioned ones.
table find the right light bulb
W (watts) = how much electrical power a bulb uses
Lumens = how much light a bulb produces
Quick tips and explanations
Converting watts to lumens for the old incandescent bulbs.
With old-fashioned bulbs, you just multiply the number of watts by 10 to get the approximate number of lumens. So, for example, if you want to replace an old incandescent 40W bulb, look for an LED bulb that’s about 400 lumens.

Which LED should replace which old-fashioned bulb?
To find which LED bulb gives about as much light as your old incandescent one, just multiply the number of watts of the LED by 5. For example, an 8W LED is about as bright as an old 40W bulb.

W = watt (amount of energy consumed in a second)
This tells you how much electrical power a bulb uses when it’s lit. Some types of bulb, like LEDs, are more efficient than others at converting electricity to light. So to find out how bright a bulb is you have to look at the number of lumens it produces.

lm = lumen (amount of light produced)
Lumens measure the light from bulbs that shine in all directions. The more light, the higher the number of lumens.
Facts about bulbs
SPARSAM low energy CFLi bulbs
HALOGEN halogen bulbs
LEDs are best for your budget and for the environment. They use least electricity and last for up to 20 years. The old incandescent bulbs lasted for about a year, so buying one LED bulb is like getting 19 bulbs for free! Over the next 20 years you will probably eat 21 000 meals, watch 30 000 hours of TV, maybe change your car 3 times. If you have kids, they’ll have time to grow up and leave home. But you won’t have to change a single light bulb!
LED bulbs use up to 85% less power than the old incandescent bulbs, so switching to them will mean big savings on your electricity bills. . Because they save you money and make it easier to live in a more sustainable, planet-friendly way, we have decided to sell only LEDs from 2016.
These bulbs need a little more electricity than LEDs and last half as long. Some of them are dimmable to let you vary the amount of light – please check the information on the packaging or product web page. They require special waste handling and if you bring your old bulbs to our stores, we’ll take care of them for you.
This type of bulb uses a lot more electricity than LEDs or low energy CFLi ones, although they still use less than the old incandescent bulbs. They last for about two years. Some lamps are designed to work only with very small halogen bulbs with pin connectors (GY or G fittings). Most HALOGEN bulbs are dimmable.

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