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Which IKEA oven are you?

Frozen pizza eaters, soufflé makers, would-be caterers, new parents, earth lovers, grill masters – there’s an IKEA oven for you. A double oven offers the most flexibility. Whatever model you choose, all ovens have child-safety features and a five year limited warranty. Ergonomics-minded? Place it at a comfortable height in an AKURUM high cabinet.

NUTID self-cleaning oven, white Depth: 23 " Height: 29 " Width: 29 3/4 " Depth: 58.4 cm Height: 73.7 cm Width: 75.6 cm
self-cleaning oven
Depth: 23 ", Height: 29 ", Width: 29 3/4 " Depth: 58.4 cm, Height: 73.7 cm, Width: 75.6 cm More options
FRAMTID double oven, Stainless steel Depth: 25 1/8 " Height: 51 " Width: 29 3/4 " Depth: 63.8 cm Height: 129.5 cm Width: 75.5 cm
double oven
Depth: 25 1/8 ", Height: 51 ", Width: 29 3/4 " Depth: 63.8 cm, Height: 129.5 cm, Width: 75.5 cm


  • Ovens that are right for you

    All kitchens need ovens, but everyone’s needs are different, which is why we’ve got lots to choose from to built into your kitchen. All of our ovens are electric and energy class A, so you can be sure they’re kinder to the environment and to your purse. Check out our smart forced air ovens in the DÅTID, FRAMTID and NUTID ranges, these appliances spread preheated air evenly through the oven for effective and even cooking with absolute precision – as good for the family cook as for the amateur chef. If you really hate cleaning your oven, why not invest in one with its own pyrolytic self-cleaning function? This useful feature burns grease and dirt to ashes that you can just brush away. No more scrubbing! FRAMTID series || DÅTID series || NUTID series

  • Ovens for every occasion

    If that all sounds too much for your daily cooking needs, then check out the amazingly priced LAGAN OV3. Complete with heat insulated door and child lock, it has all the expected features and includes a grid and baking tray. Of course we also offer double ovens for bigger families, other special features like steam and pizza functions. Also browse built-in ovens that align with our drawer fronts to give a kitchen a streamlined look. Oh, and almost all of our ovens come with a five-year everyday quality guarantee to give you extra peace of mind. Ranges