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From hats to heels, and everything in between

Getting out of bed is hard. With plenty of storage for all your clothes and smart ways of organizing them, at least getting ready is no problem – even on the sleepiest of mornings. That means you can put off the getting up part just a little bit longer.

Personalize your wardrobe from the inside out
Everlasting love
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Let’s make mornings easier. Instead of searching for something to wear, imagine always knowing where to find your favourite tops, matching pants, belts – everything. PAX wardrobes and KOMPLEMENT interior organizers help you turn the dream into reality. With our wide range of smart storage, it’s easy to choose a solution that suits you and what you wear.
In this brochure you'll find some examples of PAX solutions we love.
A close-up, showing how to charge your smart phone on a bedside table with wireless charging
Charge your phone while talking in
your sleep
SELJE bedside table comes with a built-in mobile charger. Just place your phone on the plus sign.
That’s it.
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SELJE Nightstand with wireless charging $89.98 SELJE Nightstand with wireless charging $89.98
Design your own wardrobe
A white wardrobe filled with clothes
No matter what your clothes organization style is, whether you prefer hanging or folding your clothes, the possibilities are endless when creating a wardrobe that’s perfect for you.
PAX / AULI / ILSENG wardrobe combination
wardrobe combination
W150 x D58 x H236 cm