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View of the bathroom with IKEA RÖNNSKÄR sink shelf.
A new little bathroom, one little update at a time
Spruce up your bathroom with these simple ideas to bring in new functionality and a fresh look, one easy update at a time.

Think of your sink area as a workspace for getting ready, and you’ll soon see the tools you need for the job. Hooks on the wall keep washcloths and towels within easy reach - one to wash, one to dry. Storage that slides in under the sink cabinet– no drilling required – is a great use of space, especially in smaller bathrooms.

Finally, a mirrored cabinet gives you somewhere to store your bits and pieces. Add in some strong lighting and it’s also a place to check you’re looking your best. Done!
Close-up of IKEA MOLGER wall unit with toilet rolls and storage boxes.
The wall above the toilet is often overlooked but it makes a great space for storing extra supplies. Put it to use with a wall shelf and use baskets or boxes to keep small things organized and add an element of style.

Conquer tight spaces with a tall, slender shelving unit. Simply place and pile high with fluffy towels, products, candles and trinkets for a polished look.
Close-up of bathtub with IKEA IMMELN shower accessories.
Tricks around the bathroom
The fastest fix to give your bathroom a new look is to change your shower curtain. Shelves, shower caddies and soap holders keep everything up off the tub, making it a more inviting place to take a soak.
A bathroom’s work is never done
Remember, the beauty of these updates is that they’re easy. So even if you get tired of one look, it won’t take a lot of time or effort to try another. And don’t underestimate the difference you can make by simply changing the textiles and accessories – just take a look at this video to see what we mean.
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