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Fresh bathroom ideas

Whether you’re planning to totally refurnish or just looking to freshen up, you’ll find tons of ideas for creating a bathroom that functions exactly according to your needs. That’s a beautiful thing.

White bathroom with beige towels and birch floor decking
An IKEA bathroom with a comfortable chair and cozy textiles
A small, decorated bathroom with a reading nook and shelving unit for extra storage space
A tiny bathroom, complete with a sink, storage bins, and cabinets
A small bathroom with room for laundry
Getting ready stations set up outside the bathroom
Big bathroom with two sinks, mirrors and a high cabinet
The convenience of a sink cabinet with a sink in a bedroom
High shelves and a multifunctional sink cabinet in a small bathroom
Large IKEA bathroom with two sinks, two mirrors and high cabinets
Small, shared bathroom with a sink and open storage
Minimal bathroom with a sink cabinet and a mirror cabinet