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Faucets that look good and work smart

With their choice of different styles, our bathroom faucets not only help give the finishing touches to your bathroom sink, but save you money as well. They have an aerator inside that mixes air with the water, without losing any pressure. You use up to 50% less water and less electricity to heat it. That’s excellent news for your budget and the planet.

All our faucets come with a free 10 year warranty. But only because they can withstand being shut on and off 450,000 times.
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Our faucets cut your water bill with up to 50%. Without you having to do a thing.


  • Bathroom faucets built to last and look good

    You can mix cool design and clever function with our bathroom faucets in lots of styles, all at great value prices. Choose from classic designs or go for something more contemporary. Our mixer faucets come in different finishes, like matt or gleaming chrome-plated brass – a durable and easy to clean surface. All our bathroom faucets are environmental-friendly water savers, too. They force air into the water flow with the help of an aerator. It reduces water consumption by more than 50 per cent with no drop in pressure. So these taps better for the planet, and your pocket.

  • Need more than bathroom faucets?

    All of our bathroom faucets come with matching sink strainers and are designed to coordinate with our sinks so you can pick everything up in one go. Just take a look online to see which bathroom faucets fit certain sinks. Whether you’re just browsing for bathroom faucets or towels or searching for a whole new bathroom suite, it’s worth having a look at our website, because you’ll find everything you need. If you want a little extra inspiration, we’ve created lots of bathrooms to view online. Just look at our ‘Stylish bathroom ideas’ page. If you want to design your own perfect bathroom, why not use our online planner? You can find it under “How to…” Inspiration || Bathroom planner