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IKEA’s New Montreal Store Focuses on Energy Efficiency
[National]  IKEA expands on long-standing commitment to sustainability
Burlington, Ontario – As IKEA grows and expands in Canada, the home furnishings retailer remains committed to designing and building stores that are more sustainable. Along with the new stores in Ottawa, Richmond and Winnipeg the new construction of the Montreal store will be 40 per cent more efficient than the last stores built in the early 2000’s. IKEA Montreal, set to be complete early this summer as North America’s largest, will feature an impressive geothermal installation, an enhanced solar water heater system and a hybrid heating and cooling system.

“IKEA recognizes the importance of our business having a positive impact on people and the planet,” says Danielle Plamondon, IKEA Montreal Store Manager. “As an extension of our on-going commitment to responsible business practices, IKEA Montreal is implementing policies and adopting features that will ensure our new building is more sustainable and efficient.”

To ensure it is leading the way, IKEA measures, records and benchmarks water, energy and waste key performance indicators against national and global counterparts on a regular basis.

Sustainability Highlights

• Geothermal installation will deliver about 100% of the cooling and 50% heating needs of the entrance, loading dock and Småland, when at full capacity
• Use of hybrid heating and cooling system (added to existing high performing equipment) with central systems meeting 60% of cooling needs, and decentralized systems meeting 100% of heating needs
• Enhanced solar water heater system
• De-stratification fans in warehouse to increase temperature efficiency
• Building automation system for increased energy efficiency of building
• Indoor air quality sensors
• Improved waste/recycling sorting areas planned for compactor room and throughout the office area and retail floor
• Low flow plumbing equipment
• Water tap sensors in bathrooms
• Efficient lighting sources in retail and office areas (LED, T5 and CFL)
• Office area equipped with light occupancy sensors
• In-store customer take-back recycling for bulbs and batteries
• Fuel-efficient vehicle parking spots
• Environmentally-friendly cleaning solvents, and tissue/paper towel products
• High efficiency hand dryers
• Non-solvent based paints with low VOC (volatile organic compounds)
• All stores are required to measure, record and benchmark water, energy and waste key performance indicators to their country and global counterparts
• Built on environmentally remediated land

About IKEA
IKEA is a leading home furnishings retailer with 338 stores in 40 countries worldwide, which are visited by 776 million people every year. IKEA Canada has 12 stores which are visited by over 25 million people every year. Last year the websites attracted 1.1 billion visitors. Founded in 1943, IKEA's business philosophy is to offer a wide range of products of good design and function at prices so low, the majority of people can afford them. For more information on IKEA, please visit:
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