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The Timeless Design of the IKEA BILLY Bookcase
[National]  Burlington, Ontario - The iconic IKEA BILLY bookcase is turning 30 years old and it’s classic, simple and functional design is more affordable today than it was when it was created in 1979.
Since the popular bookcase was first launched, IKEA has continually worked to reduce its price through manufacturing and transportation efficiencies. The discreet form and timeless design of the BILLY bookcase has found its way into 41 million homes worldwide, with over a quarter million being sold in Canada every year.

“The BILLY bookcase is a true example of IKEA’s commitment to always finding new ways of offering the best value to our customers,” says Kerri Molinaro, President of IKEA Canada. “Flat packing, continuous product development, more efficient production methods as well as increasing volumes, has allowed IKEA to make BILLY even more affordable today than 30 years ago.”

When the BILLY bookcase was introduced to the Canadian market back in 1979, a 80 cm White BILLY was $98. While the bookcase has evolved slightly, that same bookcase is now available for $69.99. IKEA has been able to pass along these savings to the customer by constantly developing and improving products and finding smart solutions that lead to lower prices for customers. For example, by simply reducing the width of the BILLY bookcase by 10cm, the bookcase became more stable and weighed less. The result was lower costs for raw materials, reduced transportation costs and emissions and a more attractive price tag for customers.

Swedish-born designer and founder of the IKEA flat pack concept, Gillis Lundgren created the first sketch of the infamous and popular product on a napkin noting, “Ideas are perishable and you have to capture the moment as soon as it arrives.” He then named the bookcase after an IKEA advertising manager, Billy Liljedahl, who had noted, “Can’t we have a proper bookcase just for books?!” The idea grew into the BILLY bookcase – named after the man who pointed out the need.

Originally launched in oak and pine, the BILLY bookcase is now available in eight different colour and pattern options. The BILLY offer has also been complimented over time with more than 13 add-ons including CD/DVD storage and TV solutions. In celebration of the 30th birthday of BILLY, two limited edition designs have been developed, along with limited edition “B” bookends.

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Media Contact:Madeleine Löwenborg-FrickNational Public Relations Manager,IKEA CanadaT: 905-637-9440

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