Product Recycling Fund
The price of this item includes a contribution to a Product recycling fund to ensure that waste electrical and electronic equipment is collected and recycled in a responsible manner.

People & planet

A more sustainable life at home
See our kitchen waste sorting solutions here.
Sustainability in the kitchen
Why you should give a toss where you toss your waste

There's no need to toss recycling into the 'too hard' basket. With our RATIONELL waste sorting system you can separate your recyclables right away in your kitchen. This avoids contaminating your recyclables with general waste. And the good old organic compost waste pays dividends with healthy soil for your garden.

The bins are easy to lift and carry out to the bin, and lids lock in odours from organic waste. RATIONELL is made to fit 40, 60 or 80 cm base cabinets.
Smart sorting solutions
Find our waste sorting solutions in our Kitchens department.
Length: 27 cm Height: 46 cm Width: 16 cm
Length: 20 cm Height: 16 cm Width: 15 cm
Length: 27 cm Height: 37 cm Width: 21 cm
Length: 41 cm Height: 37 cm Width: 27 cm
Depth: 42 cm Height: 25 cm Width: 25 cm
Sustainability in the kitchen
A more sustainable grocery bill
At IKEA, we hate every kind of waste. Many households may throw away as much as a quarter of the food they buy. When you think about it as one out of four grocery bags, it’s easy to get motivated to do something about it. Here are some smart products that can help you save money on your next food bill.

RARITET food storage
We tend to eat what we see, which is why we made RARITET out of see-through plastic that can go into your dishwasher, freezer and microwave. These clever products stack, store and measure so you make the most of space, time and money – three resources that we could all use more of!
See our food storage solutions here.
Water saving solutions are on tap at IKEA
Switching an old-fashioned kitchen or bathroom tap to one from IKEA can reduce water use by 30 percent or more. What’s the secret? Well, a pressure compensating aerator, a little device inside the tap that restricts the flow without reducing the water pressure. By adding a bit of air to the flow, we help you save water and hopefully money, too.
Length: 26 cm Height: 18 cm
Length: 21 cm Height: 42 cm

Energy and resources
IKEA blue bag
The green bag
The FRAKTA carry bag may look blue, but it’s actually green.

Help save the planet one plastic bag at a time. FRAKTA carry bags are reusable, durable and versatile. Use them for garden waste, as a baby bag, laundry bag, beach bag, as storage, a toy bag, library bag or shopping bag... The possibilities are endless! And now at a new lower price, there’s more you can do with a little small change. Grab one (or two or more) at the check outs during your next visit.
We'll make it easy for you to recycle

Did you know that you can bring some of your recycling with you to IKEA Richmond? Bring your batteries and light globes to our recycling station as both contain some nasties which are harmful to the environment.

Rather than throwing them out and damaging the environment, save them in a recycling box and bring them along next time you come over to shop! Leave your items at our recycling area at the exit and we'll dispose of them safely with the correct recycling companies.

Recycling station at IKEA Richmond
Free coffee grounds at IKEA Richmond
Free coffee grounds for your garden
At IKEA Richmond, we collect 100% of our used coffee grounds to give away to all gardening green thumbs. Used coffee grounds are rich in nitrogen and will make excellent compost or fertiliser for your acid-loving plants in the garden.

Free coffee grounds may be picked up from the recycling station past the check-outs every Tuesday until gone.

Need help to get you started? Have a look online - there are heaps of resources available, or you may like to visit the Ground to Ground website for some tips and how-to's on gardening with coffee grounds.

People and communities
Thank you!
This year’s Soft Toys for Education campaign raised €10.1 million (approx. $16 million)! For every soft toy or children’s book sold in IKEA stores during the campaign period – which runs every year throughout November and December – IKEA Foundation donates 1 euro to children’s education through UNICEF and Save the Children.

Since 2003, the campaign has reached more than 10 millionchildren through 90 projects in 46 different countries. Including this year, the total amount raised through the campaign is €67 million (approx $105 million).

Once again THANK YOU for buying soft toys and offering more children the opportunity to get an education – and imagine a future full of possibilities.

Creating a better everyday life for the many
At IKEA, we believe that taking responsibility for people and the environment is the basis of doing good business. The IKEA FOUNDATION's main partners are UNICEF and Save the Children, and the IKEA Group has a partnership with WWF.

IKEA Richmond is particularly committed to helping the local community by sharing our resources where possible, and we are both happy and proud to make this contribution through our global parthers as well as our local partner HeartKids. Through all our partnerships, we are able to dedicate ourselves towards improving children's rights, promoting responsible forestry and better cotton cultivation, and reducing CO2 emissions If you wish to apply for support, please view our charity and sponsorship policy first.

Global Partner
Save the Children Save the Children and IKEA are partners both on an international and a local level. Read more
Global Partner
UNICEF The IKEA FOUNDATION has worked with UNICEF for over a decade. Read more
Global Partner
WWF IKEA and WWF work together on a number of environmental projects. Read more
Local Partner
Heartkids helps children affected by Childhood Heart Disease and is our main local partner. Read more
IKEA Richmond's Charity Partners
In our family, we don't just help ourselves.
10 cents is split between UNICEF and HeartKids every time you shop and swipe your IKEA FAMILY card.

Working in over 150 countries, UNICEF is the world's largest provider of vaccinations for developing countries and also supports child health and nutrition work, good water, sanitation, quality basic education and protection of children from violence, exploitation and HIV.

HeartKids strives to improve the lives of kids affected by Childhood Heart Disease by providing high quality, caring support, information and advocacy and to give hope by driving world class research. Childhood Heart Disease is the biggest killer of Australian children under the age of 1.

Don't forget to keep swiping your IKEA FAMILY card!

Better Cotton Initiative
Working together for better cotton
In 2005, we partnered with WWF to make cotton cultivation more sustainable by collaborating with farmers in India and Pakistan, two of our main cotton sourcing countries.

It started with Farmer Field Schools for 450 farmers who received hands-on training in the field on how to reduce the use of chemicals and water.

Today, IKEA cooperates with WWF as well as other local partners to reach even more farmers. An estimated 100,000 farmers in India, Pakistan, China and Turkey have started growing cotton in a more sustainable way, moving away from farming practices that pose a threat to both people and the environment.