Product Recycling Fund
The price of this item includes a contribution to a Product recycling fund to ensure that waste electrical and electronic equipment is collected and recycled in a responsible manner.

People & planet

Meet our Recovery Manager
Hej! I'm Mel.
"This year at IKEA we're shining a light on the magic of LED. Light emitting diodes, or LEDs, are a real bright spark. The LED light source consumes up to 85% less energy and lasts 20 times longer than incandescent bulbs. They also contain no mercury or other hazardous materials in their production, so they're safer not only to manufacture but also to have around the home. Plus, it costs approximately $3.40 to run a halogen light for 2 hours and only $1.00 for LED (on average).

We think they're so fantastic, by 2016 we plan on only selling LEDs in our lighting department. Power is money, so together we want to save you as much as we can. We can think of better places it can go.

The weather is getting colder so it's time for big hearty meals like casseroles and stews. It's hard to feel like cooking sometimes on those cosy nights, so make double batches on the days when the cooking bug strikes you and keep them in air tight containers in the fridge or freezer for an easy heat and serve meal later in the week. Our range of food savers makes it easy to keep your meal fresh either in the fridge or travelling to work for a delicious home cooked lunch. Bon appétit!

We're growing and learning all the time, so keep checking back for what's new on this page."


Soft toys for education campaign
Thank you Queensland!
With your support, this year’s Soft Toys for Education campaign raised €28 247 at IKEA Logan.

To say thank you, we’re inviting Save the Children to IKEA Logan to celebrate with our customers. They’ll be bringing the Save the Children mobile playbus on April 30 and lots of other activities for kids.

For every soft toy or children’s book sold in stores during the campaign period – which runs every year throughout November and December – IKEA Foundation will donate 1 euro to children’s education through UNICEF and Save the Children.

Since 2003, the Soft Toys for Education campaign has reached more than 10 million children through 90 projects in 46 different countries. Including this year, the total amount raised through the campaign is €67 million (approx $105 million).

Make the switch
Make the switch to LED bulbs and let the savings begin! LED bulbs consumes up to 85% less energy and last 20 times longer than incandescent bulbs. So you won't need to buy bulbs again for quite some time.
Luminous flux: 400 lm
Luminous flux: 200 lm Power: 4.0 W
Luminous flux: 600 lm Power: 10 W
Luminous flux: 400 lm Power: 6 W
Luminous flux: 400 lm Power: 7.0 W
Sustainability in the kitchen
Why you should give a toss where you toss your waste.

There's no need to toss recycling into the 'too hard' basket. With our RATIONELL waste sorting system you can separate your recyclables right away in your kitchen. This avoids contaminating your recyclables with general waste. And the good old organic compost waste pays dividends with healthy soil for your garden.

The bins are easy to lift and carry out to the bin, and lids lock in odours from organic waste. RATIONELL is made to fit 40, 60 or 80 cm base cabinets.
IKEA to the rescue
Our new range of FÖRTROLIG foodsavers are made of oven safe glass, so they can be used both for food storage and as an oven dish. Our 365+ containers feature a removable grid in the bottom that allows liquid and condensation to accumulate under the food, so that it stays fresh for longer. So that's less food in the bin and more food in your belly. Take a look at our full range of food savers in store.
Diameter: 12 cm Height: 7 cm Volume: 0.4 l
Length: 17 cm Width: 17 cm Height: 6 cm
Length: 25 cm Width: 17 cm Height: 6 cm
Diameter: 14 cm Height: 7.5 cm Volume: 0.7 l
Diameter: 21 cm Height: 7.5 cm Volume: 1.8 l
Length: 22 cm Width: 16 cm Height: 19 cm
Length: 15 cm Width: 11 cm Height: 8 cm
Length: 23 cm Width: 15 cm Height: 8 cm
Width: 17 cm Depth: 18 cm Height: 10 cm
Put your energy bill on a diet.
We know who's eating more than their fair share in your kitchen - the fridge, the cooktop and taps. Scale back their energy intake and choose induction cooktops, energy saving fridges (with our no-frost function and an energy-saving A++ rating) and water saving aerator taps.
Width: 58 cm Depth: 51 cm Height: 5.6 cm
Width: 69.0 cm Depth: 81.5 cm Height: 165.6 cm
Width: 90.0 cm Depth: 71.0 cm Height: 175.8 cm
Width: 59.5 cm Depth: 56.4 cm Height: 59.5 cm
Width: 59.5 cm Depth: 31.4 cm Height: 34.7 cm

In store recycling points
We'll help you sort it out.
Once you've collected them from around the house, we can help you dispose of those trickier recyclables at our in store recycling points.

You'll find our car park recycling point on the side of the bank of lifts to our Returns and Exchanges department.

Deposit your cork for recycling at our car park recycling point.
Deposit your bulbs for recycling at our car park recycling point or in our lighting department.
Compact fluorescents
Deposit your compact fluorescents for recycling at our car park recycling point.
Deposit your batteries for recycling at our car park recycling point or in our lighting department.

A better everyday life
Community volunteer support
At IKEA we strive to be a good neighbour by helping create a better everyday life for the people and communities where we operate.

We believe we have some of the most committed, talented and creative people working for us. Every one of our permanent co-workers has access to one day of volunteer leave to work in the local community each year.

Do you have an opportunity for a team of IKEA co-workers in your charity or local community group? Take a look at the selection criteria on out People and Communities webpage then email a completed request form to
In our family, we don't just help ourselves.
10 cents is split between UNICEF and HeartKids every time you shop and swipe your IKEA FAMILY card.

Working in over 150 countries, UNICEF is the world's largest provider of vaccinations for developing countries and also supports child health and nutrition work, good water, sanitation, quality basic education and protection of children from violence, exploitation and HIV.

HeartKids strives to improve the lives of kids affected by Childhood Heart Disease by providing high quality, caring support, information and advocacy and to give hope by driving world class research. Childhood Heart Disease is the biggest killer of Australian children under the age of 1.

Don't forget to keep swiping your IKEA FAMILY card!

Sustainable salmon
Ensuring there's plenty of fish left in the sea
“IKEA recently participated in a WWF-initiated dialogue that led to the development of a new standard of sustainable salmon farming, which we will apply to all of the salmon we sell and serve. After all, we need to do our part to ensure that there’s plenty of fish left in the sea for the future.”
- Olivia Ross, IKEA Head of Sustainability Communication.

Classified as an oily fish, lax is considered to be healthy due to its high protein and Omega 3 fatty acid content, which are important for brain function. Lax also has lots of vitamin D for healthy bones and muscles.

IKEA has committed to source salmon only from ASC certified (Aquaculture stewardship council) farms by August 2015 at the latest.