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Storage ideas for all your odd spaces

You don’t need more space to store your stuff, you just have to be creative with the space you’ve got. Consider under the stairs. Often overlooked as a serious storage contender, but it’s a natural winner at keeping clutter under control. Great for living room or hallway storage, depending which room your stairs are in, try building your own customised storage using a modular system like this one.
Stacked arrangement of IKEA storage boxes under a stairway.
IKEA wall storage system with shelves of different widths under a sloping ceiling.
In a tight spot
A sloping ceiling might appear to spoil the possibilities. Not so with wall shelves. Fix a series of rails to take advantage of the different widths of an awkward space and attach shelves to fit. Suddenly it’s your favourite corner of the room.
IKEA wall storage system on a thin piece of wall between two doors.
Space you never knew existed
We used ALGOT, one of our modular storage systems, to create an ingenious use of otherwise invisible space. Fixed to a wall upright, add as many small baskets and shelves as you like and set the heights to suit. Perfect for small things like toiletries, make-up and hair accessories.
IKEA drying rack fixed to the wall above a washing machine.
Wash and dry station
Reclaim unused surfaces to create a space-effective utility room. A drying rack above the washing machine makes perfect sense. The ironing board is out of the way and hanging containers on the back of door provide a place for detergents.
Pink wooden IKEA corner cabinet with a white glass lampshade hanging above it.
A nifty nook
Corner cabinets turn a tricky space into something useful. A dainty cabinet, like this one, takes up very little floorspace. Great for small rooms or corridors.