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A small hall to store it all

If you find yourself in a tight spot when it comes to space, take a look at the ideas below for fitting in ample storage solutions for the whole family, all in a small hallway space.
Angled view down the corridor of the bed area, IKEA wardrobes and workspace
When it comes to tight spaces, there’s just no room for the unnecessary. Everything in this solution is there for a reason, so we asked the interior designer who created it to walk us through it and show us all the thinking behind it.
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Remember Fredrik’s key small space storage tips: in tight or narrow spaces, consider wardrobes with sliding doors. And don’t be afraid to put your walls to work!
With rails, drawers, racks, hooks and boxes inside, a wardrobe makes a great home for almost anything you use or wear. Think shoes, jewellery, hockey sticks, skateboards, ice boots, water bottles, get the picture.
 Interior left side of IKEA wardobe. Clothes rail, jewellery drawer, two deep drawers, shoe rack. Right side of wardobe is open. Clothes rail, shelves with six black IKEA storage boxes.
Inside one wardrobe. Rollerblades hang from hooks on a rail. Shoes in IKEA storage boxes.
To make the most of the storage space you have, make a plan for how to organise what’s inside. Full-width drawers or half? A shoe rack or storage boxes? You can even have a shallow depth drawer to store your jewellery.
We built a desk with storage between two wardrobes. We started with a desk that’s the same depth as the wardrobes. Then added a few BESTÅ storage cabinets above. A chair on castors fits snuggly against the desk when not in use so it’s not taking up any extra floorspace.
White IKEA chair on castors in front of a workspace between two wardrobes.
With storage under and over the bed, you can create a bedroom, complete with plenty of places to put your things, in the smallest of spaces. Put a single bed lengthways along a wall and build around it. It saves maximum space and feels super snug.
Close-up of an IKEA bed with pull-out drawers underneath and wall cupoards above.