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A bed/living room perfectly blended for modern life

If one room has to do it all, you want it to do it all well. In this combined living and bedroom, we erased the boundaries between night and day to create a space that functions well around the clock – and that looks great doing it.
Room with IKEA sofa-bed made up as a bed. Room divider against the wall.
Same room set up for daytime. IKEA corner sofa, coffee table, rug, lighting and armchair.
Start with a sofa-bed that’s comfy to sit on and designed to be slept on every night. If it’s got built-in storage – even better! And a small, lightweight side table can easily serve as a bedside table by night.

In day mode it’s a welcoming living room ready for working in or socialising with friends, with no sign that it was a bedroom only a few minutes ago.
Going from day to night and back again is easy when you have so many things in the room performing a double function.

In fact, as you’ll see in this video, it’s almost as if the furniture does all the work for you...
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View of IKEA desk opposite a wall mirror and shelf. Between is a footstool.
Do more with less
Dual purpose furniture makes one room living much more streamlined. Here, we’ve positioned a desk opposite a hair and make-up station so it’s super easy to turn from one to the other using the same stool.
We’ve also used a footstool as an extra seat and storage for bedding. A chest of drawers can store clothes as well as your laptop.

Blend pieces into the wall by painting them the same colour. The room will seem bigger and have a feeling of calm, even when there’s a lot going on.
Close-up of window with IKEA curtains partly drawn.
Night night curtains
Living rooms often have lightweight curtains or panels. To sleep soundly choose window fixtures that block out the light. Blackout blinds or a pair of full-length heavyweight curtains will do the trick.