Product Recycling Fund
The price of this item includes a contribution to a Product recycling fund to ensure that waste electrical and electronic equipment is collected and recycled in a responsible manner.
Price range
HALOGEN bulb E14, clear Power: 28 W Package quantity: 2 pack
bulb E14
/2 pack
Power: 28 W, Package quantity: 2 pack
HALOGEN bulb G4 standard Power: 10 W Package quantity: 2 pack Voltage: 12 V
bulb G4 standard
/2 pack
Power: 10 W, Package quantity: 2 pack, Voltage: 12 V
HALOGEN bulb G9, clear Power: 18 W Package quantity: 2 pack
bulb G9
/2 pack
Power: 18 W, Package quantity: 2 pack


  • Halogen bulbs mean nice lighting – for brighter or for dimmer

    Our range of halogen bulbs reduce your home’s impact on the environment and cut your electricity bills. This is in line with our environmentally friendly way of doing business. Our halogen bulbs consume 30% less energy than standard, incandescent light bulbs, they last longer, and they’re dimmable. Choose from a range of bulbs for ceiling, indoor and outdoor lamps, as well as your child’s room and other family areas. Check out our range at your nearest IKEA store to start saving money and the environment.

  • Halogen bulbs in all styles

    We have a range of halogen bulbs to suit all of your lighting needs, allowing you to make an easy transition from standard to energy-efficient bulbs. Opt for our HALOGEN E14 bulb, allowing you to control the brightness of your light with its option to dim and lower its intensity. Or install our HALOGEN MR16 bulbs into your existing ceiling fittings easily to get about 2,000 hours of life out of each bulb. Our halogen light bulbs fit various types of electrical fixture, including our G9 and G10 bulb options, so they’re convenient as well as energy-saving and practical.