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Rustic living room with seating, a rocking chair and dining table
Urban rustic tranquility
Life might be in full swing outside, but we managed to keep this space feeling totally calm. And it’s all because of the materials – equal parts rough, rustic and romantic.
BJÖRNLOKA Rug, flatwoven $299   ARÖD Work lamp $59         FRODE Folding chair $40   ODDVALD Trestle $25 ODDVALD Trestle $25 RÅSKOG Wall cabinet $49.99 RÅSKOG Wall cabinet $49.99
Close up of EKTORP three-seat sofa and VÄRMDÖ rocking chair
Attention to details
Our designer combined a neutral sofa cover, wool rug and an industrial glass-door cabinet to create this rustic room that feels nice and homey. Add a rocking chair in front of the window for enjoying the view, and you’ll experience how relaxing it is to get away from it all just by coming home.
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  BJÖRNLOKA Rug, flatwoven $299
ODDVALD trestles
Make your own table – it’s easy with the help of our legs. We used an old wooden door and ODDVALD trestles.
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ODDVALD Trestle $25 RÅSKOG Wall cabinet $49.99
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BJÖRNLOKA Rug, flatwoven $299
Rug, flatwoven
Length: 240 cm, Width: 170 cm, Area: 4.08 m²
ARÖD Work lamp $59
Work lamp
Height: 52.5 cm, Shade diameter: 15 cm, Cord length: 1.5 m
FRODE Folding chair $40
Folding chair
Tested for: 110 kg, Width: 45 cm, Depth: 55 cm
ODDVALD Trestle $25
Width: 42 cm, Depth: 70 cm, Height: 70 cm
RÅSKOG Wall cabinet $49.99
Wall cabinet
Width: 60 cm, Depth: 19 cm, Height: 27 cm