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Living room lighting

Illuminate the possibilities

It’s amazing the difference a lamp can make. But with the right living room lighting, you can have a space that’s perfect for doing everything – from reading a book to hosting game night. And that means you can create a new room every night - just with the flip of a switch.

Bring some brightness to your home
An assortment of lamps and lampshades hanging from wooden beams in a brightly lit room
With their bold colours and intricate patterns, these NYMÖ lampshades help bring a decorative effect to the home lit or unlit.
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  • Living room lighting & lamps – you’ll find them all here

    Good living room lighting means a good mix of lighting for all the different things you do. Take curling up with a good book, for example. You’ll enjoy it more with a reading lamp whose light you can direct onto the pages. And on a cosy TV night or an evening entertaining friends, a few lamps around the room will create a nice mood and make sure no one bumps into the furniture. There’s more to living room lighting than just strategically placed lamps, of course. Ceiling lights can light up the whole room – very useful when you’re vacuuming or can’t find the remote controls.

  • Living room lighting to show off your favourite things

    Your living room lighting can also help you to show off the things you love. Set up some spotlights on the ceiling or wall and shine them on your favourite ornaments or pictures. The reflected light will help make your living room lighting more atmospheric, too. Or put some cabinet lighting on top of a bookcase to help you find the right book or light up those little statues you got in the market last holiday. We even have lighting that goes inside your cabinets or drawers. Whatever sort of living room lighting you’re looking for, you’ll find it here at a great value price.