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The price of this item includes a contribution to a Product recycling fund to ensure that waste electrical and electronic equipment is collected and recycled in a responsible manner.
Price range
EKTORP two-seat sofa, Nordvalla red Width: 179 cm Depth: 88 cm Seat depth: 49 cm
two-seat sofa
Width: 179 cm, Depth: 88 cm, Seat depth: 49 cm More options
KIVIK two-seat sofa, Isunda grey Width: 190 cm Depth: 95 cm Seat width: 140 cm
two-seat sofa
Width: 190 cm, Depth: 95 cm, Seat width: 140 cm More options
KLIPPAN two-seat sofa, Granån black Width: 180 cm Depth: 88 cm Height: 66 cm
two-seat sofa
Width: 180 cm, Depth: 88 cm, Height: 66 cm More options
TIDAFORS two-seat sofa, Dansbo medium brown Width: 190 cm Depth: 95 cm Free height under furniture: 8 cm
two-seat sofa
Width: 190 cm, Depth: 95 cm, Free height under furniture: 8 cm More options
KNOPPARP two-seat sofa, bright yellow Width: 119 cm Depth: 76 cm Free height under furniture: 21 cm
two-seat sofa
Width: 119 cm, Depth: 76 cm, Free height under furniture: 21 cm More options
NORSBORG two-seat sofa, birch, Finnsta white Width: 153 cm Depth: 88 cm Free height under furniture: 18 cm
two-seat sofa
Width: 153 cm, Depth: 88 cm, Free height under furniture: 18 cm More options
STOCKSUND two-seat sofa, light brown/wood, Nolhaga grey-beige Width: 154 cm Depth: 95 cm Height: 89 cm
two-seat sofa
Width: 154 cm, Depth: 95 cm, Height: 89 cm More options
NOCKEBY two-seat sofa, wood, Tenö brown Depth: 97 cm Free height under furniture: 15 cm Seat depth: 60 cm
two-seat sofa
Depth: 97 cm, Free height under furniture: 15 cm, Seat depth: 60 cm More options
VIKTIGT sofa, black Width: 134 cm Depth: 67 cm Seat width: 129 cm
Width: 134 cm, Depth: 67 cm, Seat width: 129 cm


  • Two-seater fabric sofas for plenty of comfort

    Our stylish range of two-seater fabric sofas comes in many different shapes and colours, so you’re sure to find one that’s right for your living room. Go for high-backed sofas that provide ample support for your head and neck while you watch your favourite TV programs. Our nifty new low-arm and back options will modernise your living room in an instant. Just like that.

  • Two-seater fabric sofas that you can change with your mood

    We all change our minds from time to time. Luckily, our innovative designs give you the flexibility to change the style of your sofa whenever you want. Take a look at our KLIPPAN and EKTORP products, which come with changeable covers, so you can change your style as often as you change your mood. Unlike other sofas, you’ll never be tied down to any one design, making a highly affordable sofa even better value for your money. Match one of our two-seater fabric sofas with an armchair from the same range, or mix and match to create your own unique living room.