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Not just for bookworms

Fancy a wall-to-wall library or do you like to mix your TV or family photos with your books? Either way, our multi-tasking bookcases make great homes for everything you like having around you. We’ve more styles and sizes than an airport bookshop has best sellers, so you’re sure to find what you need.

LACK wall shelf unit, red Depth: 28 cm / 28 cm Height: 190 cm Max. load: 25 kg
wall shelf unit
Depth: 28 cm / 28 cm, Height: 190 cm, Max. load: 25 kg More options
FINNBY bookcase, red Depth: 24 cm Height: 180 cm Width: 60 cm
Depth: 24 cm, Height: 180 cm, Width: 60 cm More options
LACK wall shelf, high-gloss red Length: 110 cm Depth: 26 cm Thickness: 5 cm
wall shelf
Length: 110 cm, Depth: 26 cm, Thickness: 5 cm More options


  • Bookcases for books and more

    Welcome to our big range of classic and modern bookcases, in lots of sizes, colours and styles. Our value for money bookcases will help you find your favourite reading matter, of course, but they’ll also give your ornaments and family photos a great home, too. If you’re looking for classic bookcases, check out our large and varied BILLY series. The shelves are adjustable to suit your different sizes of books and you can even get glass doors to keep out the dust. If you like a coordinated look, many of our bookcases come in series with other furniture, so you can get matching tables and cabinets, for example. Check out series like LIATORP or HEMNES.

  • Make the most of your bookcases

    Nowadays bookcases are a lot more than somewhere to store books and magazines. Putting some boxes and baskets on the shelves of your bookcases, for example, lets you store all those things that can otherwise clutter up your room, like tealights or hobby stuff. And with our EXPEDIT series, you can get drawer inserts and doors to create your own bookcase/cupboard storage combination. EXPEDIT bookcases don’t have back panels, so they make great room dividers, too. If you want to really show off your books or your prized collections of knick-knacks, cabinet lighting on top of a bookcase spotlights your favourites and gives you atmospheric background lighting, too.