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IKEA 365+ 7 piece cookware set
Lower price,
not lower quality
Easy to say, but what does it mean? At IKEA, we design our products with just the right amount of materials - nothing more, nothing less. With smart thinking, innovative design and a lot less waste, you get a product that is the right quality at the right price.
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Designer Mårten Cyrén
"My idea with the SLITBAR series was to create kitchen knives that you can have on show to give character to your kitchen. For their modern and distinctive look, I took my inspiration from Asian design. Of course it's just as important that the knives are functional, comfortable to use - and that they age well. I also wanted to include many different types of knives in the series, so that you always have the right one, no matter what kind of food you're cooking."
Designer Maria Vinka
“When I designed the FÄRGRIK series I wanted to make a simple, functional service that would suit all situations and all occasions. That’s why I gave the series shapes, functions and colours that are easy to combine and vary in many different ways. It doesn’t matter if it’s morning or evening, a party or everyday - FÄRGRIK always works just as well.”
Food containers for everyday use
What do flour and mincemeat sauce have in common? Nothing really - and that’s why the food containers in the IKEA 365+ series are tailor-made for different everyday needs. Some are best for dry foods, others for fruit and vegetables and some can be taken directly from the freezer and warmed up in the microwave. The food containers also have a lot of practical features that you may not see at first sight but will become very clear to you every time you use them.
IKEA 365+ cookware guarantees IKEA 365+ 7-piece cookware set $49.99
IKEA 365+
7-piece cookware set
SLITBAR 25 year guarantee

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