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Children's textiles

For cuddles, snuggles and comfort

Whether it’s a new blanket for cuddling or a hooded towel for snuggling, our children’s textiles are an easy and affordable way to add atmosphere, comfort and fun. Our bedding, curtains and rugs help you create a playful, comfy room while washcloths, bibs and towels add a softer side to cleaning up.

IKEA Children’s textiles
MYSIG bed canopy, light blue Width: 150 cm Depth: 80 cm Height: 80 cm
bed canopy
Width: 150 cm, Depth: 80 cm, Height: 80 cm
FJÄDERMOLN cushion, light blue Length: 59 cm Width: 34 cm Filling weight: 205 g
Length: 59 cm, Width: 34 cm, Filling weight: 205 g
HELTOKIG pair of curtains, light blue Length: 175 cm Width: 120 cm Package quantity: 2 pack
pair of curtains
Length: 175 cm, Width: 120 cm, Package quantity: 2 pack
BULLRIG rug, low pile, blue Diameter: 67 cm Area: 0.35 m² Pile coverage: 200 g/m²
rug, low pile
Diameter: 67 cm, Area: 0.35 m², Pile coverage: 200 g/m²
FLYGTUR rug, low pile, blue Length: 160 cm Width: 133 cm Area: 2.12 m²
rug, low pile
Length: 160 cm, Width: 133 cm, Area: 2.12 m²
LEKANDE bedspread, green, blue Length: 180 cm Width: 120 cm Filling weight: 240 g
Length: 180 cm, Width: 120 cm, Filling weight: 240 g
VANDRING SKOGSLIV quilt cover and pillowcase, blue, beige Quilt cover length: 200 cm Quilt cover width: 150 cm Pillowcase length: 50 cm
quilt cover and pillowcase
Quilt cover length: 200 cm, Quilt cover width: 150 cm, Pillowcase length: 50 cm


  • Children's textiles in lots of colours and patterns

    textiles that help you design and decorate their world. You’ll find lots of different children’s textiles to inspire you – everything from bath towels and bedding to curtains and cuts of fabric you can make whatever you want from. Check out our quilt covers and pillowcases made from 100% cotton – they’re soft, strong and great value. You’ll also find bed canopies that stimulate kids’ imaginations, and rugs with roads for toy cars to drive on. Our children’s textiles will bring your child’s bedroom to life with their vivid designs of simple patterns or lovable animals.

  • Mix or match our children’s textiles

    Mixing and matching the soft furnishings in your child’s room is fun and easy. But as many of our children’s textiles belong to series, you can go for a really coordinated look, too. The series come in different styles and themes but they’re all fun and attractive. Keep an eye out for series names like VITAMINER, with its strong, bold colours, or FABLER, with its more subtle colour scheme and cute frogs and rabbits. So for everything from really practical washcloths to wipe ice cream off their faces to quilt covers decorated with little animals that come alive in their dreams, check out our children’s textiles.