Product Recycling Fund
The price of this item includes a contribution to a Product recycling fund to ensure that waste electrical and electronic equipment is collected and recycled in a responsible manner.
A meeting room furnished with black swivel chairs and a conference table in white/silver-colour
    PATRIK Swivel chair $199PATRIK Swivel chair $199PATRIK Swivel chair $199PATRIK Swivel chair $199
Meeting room with conference table in grey/silver-colour and chairs with transparent seat shell
For the bold
Sometimes a bright and cheerful environment is all that’s required to find a new perspective on important business issues.
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  TOBIAS Chair $99TOBIAS Chair $99TOBIAS Chair $99TOBIAS Chair $99TOBIAS Chair $99  SOLRUN Fabric $9.99
Big conferende table in white with yellow chairs
For everyone
This spacious, functional meeting room ensures that the whole team can feel included. And the furniture is easy to rearrange according to your agenda.
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REIDAR Chair, in/outdoor $89REIDAR Chair, in/outdoor $89REIDAR Chair, in/outdoor $89REIDAR Chair, in/outdoor $89REIDAR Chair, in/outdoor $89REIDAR Chair, in/outdoor $89BRAVUR Wall clock $79FOTO Pendant lamp $59LINNMON Table top $39
Black laptop tables together with swivel easy chairs in yellow
For close company
A few laptop tables and comfy chairs – this is a space to speak openly and to get things done. We’re all friends here.
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STOCKHOLM Swivel easy chair $399STOCKHOLM Swivel easy chair $399STOCKHOLM Swivel easy chair $399STOCKHOLM Swivel easy chair $399STOCKHOLM Swivel easy chair $399SVARTÅSEN Laptop stand $39.99
STOCKHOLM table and chairs in walnut veneer
For the big decisions
With this STOCKHOLM table and chairs, it could be a family dining room. But when serious business is on the menu, the relaxed yet sturdy style helps to make hard work easier to swallow.
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STOCKHOLM Chair $149STOCKHOLM Chair $149STOCKHOLM Chair $149STOCKHOLM Pendant lamp $99STOCKHOLM Pendant lamp $99STOCKHOLM Rug, flatwoven $299STOCKHOLM Rug, flatwoven $299STOCKHOLM Rug, flatwoven $299STOCKHOLM Table $599
Seating area with grey armchairs and black-brown coffee tables
For comfort
This room feels relaxed – all the better to help you focus on the business at hand. In such pleasant surroundings, even the longest meetings can fly by.
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  MELLBY Armchair cover $119MELLBY Armchair cover $119
Conference room with green chairs and white tables
For participation
You’ll really feel the benefit during a roundtable discussion or a lengthy presentation. These flexible chairs, with soft leather upholstery, help you to feel relaxed yet engaged.
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PATRIK Swivel chair $199
New Lower Price
Swivel chair
instead of$299
Tested for: 110 kg, Depth: 63 cm, Min. height: 82 cm
TOBIAS Chair $99
Tested for: 100 kg, Depth: 56 cm, Seat width: 48 cm
SOLRUN Fabric $9.99
$9.99 /metre
Width: 150 cm, Pattern repeat: 64 cm
REIDAR Chair, in/outdoor $89
Chair, in/outdoor
Tested for: 100 kg, Depth: 50 cm, Seat width: 42 cm
BRAVUR Wall clock $79
Wall clock
Depth: 8 cm, Diameter: 59 cm
FOTO Pendant lamp $59
Pendant lamp
Diameter: 50 cm, Cord length: 160 cm
LINNMON Table top $39
Table top
Length: 120 cm, Thickness: 3.4 cm, Width: 60 cm
SVARTÅSEN Laptop stand $39.99
Laptop stand
Depth: 50 cm, Min. height: 47 cm, Max. height: 77 cm
STOCKHOLM Swivel easy chair $399
Swivel easy chair
Depth: 77 cm, Seat width: 67 cm, Seat depth: 51 cm
STOCKHOLM Chair $149
Tested for: 100 kg, Depth: 50 cm, Seat width: 44 cm
STOCKHOLM Pendant lamp $99
Pendant lamp
Diameter: 55 cm, Height: 23 cm, Cord length: 1.5 m
STOCKHOLM Rug, flatwoven $299
Rug, flatwoven
Length: 240 cm, Width: 170 cm, Surface density: 1350 g/m²