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The price of this item includes a contribution to a Product recycling fund to ensure that waste electrical and electronic equipment is collected and recycled in a responsible manner.
A shared dining and work space with a smart desk and storage
URSULA Throw Dhs 145.00            FROSTA Stool Dhs 39.00          RIBBA Frame Dhs 35.00RIBBA Frame Dhs 19.00STOCKHOLM Bowl Dhs 69.00GALANT Cabinet with sliding doors Dhs 2,765.00
Close-up of IKEA 365+ track lighting system used over desk
All on track
A track lighting system like IKEA 365+ SÄNDA makes getting the right lighting for the right area of the room simple. Click in pendent lamps and spotlights all in the same track. And if your set-up changes it’s easy to switch your lighting, too.
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IKEA 365+ SÄNDA Track Dhs 75.00IKEA 365+ SÄNDA Track Dhs 75.00  RIBBA Frame Dhs 35.00RIBBA Frame Dhs 19.00
Close-up of GALANT cabinet with sliding doors
Safe and sound
The sliding doors of this GALANT cabinet make it easy for you to get a clear overview of important papers - from bank statements to report cards. (The combination lock makes sure you’re the only one who does.)
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GALANT Cabinet with sliding doors Dhs 2,765.00  STOCKHOLM Bowl Dhs 69.00
Close-up of GALANT built-in table top cord management
A home for gadgets
With this table you can store your power cord and mouse in the tabletop compartment and keep all your gadgets in one spot. And because the compartment’s edge is made from soft rubber you can run a cord through it while keeping the lid closed.
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FROSTA Stool Dhs 39.00
Dhs 39.00
Tested for: 100 kg, Seat diameter: 35 cm, Width: 42 cm
RIBBA Frame Dhs 35.00
Dhs 35.00
Picture without mount, width: 30 cm, Picture without mount, height: 40 cm, Picture with mount, width: 21 cm
RIBBA Frame Dhs 19.00
Dhs 19.00
Picture without mount, width: 18 cm, Picture without mount, height: 24 cm, Picture with mount, width: 13 cm