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Clothes storage system

Storage tailored to you

Want to really scare that clothes monster pile? Check out ALGOT, our clothes storage system that’s designed to work all across your home. You can put together the parts and specialised functions almost any way you like, which means you get perfect control while using as little space as possible.

IKEA Clothes storage system
ALGOT castor, white Diameter: 4.5 cm Max. load/castor: 15 kg Building height: 5.5 cm
Dhs 19.00
/4 pack
Diameter: 4.5 cm, Max. load/castor: 15 kg, Building height: 5.5 cm
ALGOT frame with rod, white Depth: 60 cm Height: 100 cm Width: 41 cm
frame with rod
Dhs 60.00
Depth: 60 cm, Height: 100 cm, Width: 41 cm
ALGOT hook with bracket, white Depth: 20 cm Height: 7 cm Max. load: 8 kg
hook with bracket
Dhs 15.00
Depth: 20 cm, Height: 7 cm, Max. load: 8 kg
ALGOT rack with 4 hooks, white Depth: 2 cm Width: 14 cm Maximum load/hook: 2 kg
rack with 4 hooks
Dhs 7.00
Depth: 2 cm, Width: 14 cm, Maximum load/hook: 2 kg
ALGOT rod for frame, white Min. width: 40 cm Max. width: 60 cm Max. load: 18 kg
rod for frame
Dhs 15.00
Min. width: 40 cm, Max. width: 60 cm, Max. load: 18 kg
ALGOT shelf with bracket, white Depth: 20 cm Thickness: 3 cm Width: 30 cm
shelf with bracket
Dhs 20.00
Depth: 20 cm, Thickness: 3 cm, Width: 30 cm
ALGOT triple hook with bracket, white Depth: 15 cm Height: 8 cm Maximum load/hook: 4 kg
triple hook with bracket
Dhs 20.00
Depth: 15 cm, Height: 8 cm, Maximum load/hook: 4 kg
  • The clothes storage system you mix and match

    Are your clothes getting out of control? Meet ANTONIUS, the clothes storage system that lets you create the storage solution to match your needs and space. You’ll find a lot of different parts like wire baskets, clothes rails, and shelves. You can put them into stackable frames or onto wall uprights. There are desktops for folding and sorting clothes and racks for drying your washing. You can even add castors to the frames to make them easy to move around. You just mix and combine the different parts to suit yourself. It’s a clothes storage system that’s great for walk-in wardrobe storage or your laundry area or anywhere you need a bit of organisation.

  • A clothes storage system that can grow

    The ANTONIUS clothes storage system really helps you get the most out of every inch of your space. The wall uprights come in two lengths and mean you can put shelves and clothes rails almost anywhere on a wall. And when you have a few frames full of baskets and drawers, you get concentrated storage that will hold and organise a serious amount of stuff. Another good thing about this clothes storage system is that you can start off with just a simple frame or a few shelves on uprights and then add more parts when you need to store more. It’s the clothes storage system that always keeps you in control.