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Shared bedroom tips for happy kids

Sharing a room can be fun, especially if everyone has a little area to call their own. In this little kids’ shared room we’ve used the beds to define an area of personal space. An over the bed canopy with drapes on either side helps to separate one bed from another and create a world within the room that they can retreat to when they want time alone.
What’s the key to a shared space that caters to both we and me? In this video, we share a few of our best tips.
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Defined personal space makes it easy to express each child's personality in a shared room.
Child’s IKEA bed with scrolled metalwork. Blue storage boxes underneath. Wall shelf above.
And because some things are definitely not for sharing, it’s important to have personal storage areas. Wall shelves and cleverly made-to-fit storage under the bed are ideal spots for storing their favourite things.
Close-up of fabric room divider and canopy over a child’s IKEA bed.
Simple magic
Fix a curtain rod, about the same width as the bed, to the ceiling on each side of the bed. Then hang some fabric to create a soft room divider. To make a canopy across the bed, drape another piece of fabric from one curtain rod to the other.
We suggest using Velcro to fix the fabric so it easily falls down if anyone gets tangled or caught up in it while playing.