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At IKEA, we are grateful for the support and interest from customers that love our storage solution EXPEDIT. At the same time, we constantly look for new ways to improve our range and EXPEDIT is no exception. That’s why, we have updated and improved the EXPEDIT shelving units with a sleek, new design that is more durable and more child-friendly, but still fits all existing storage boxes and baskets - or your prized vinyl collection.
The new KALLAX range will be available in your local store soon.
EXPEDIT (left) and KALLAX (right)
Spot the difference
• Internal dimensions of the shelves remain identical
• External dimensions of the shelving unit have been reduced by 1cm on each side
• This lets us transport more KALLAX shelving units at once, reducing our costs and CO2 emissions, so we can share the savings with you
• Outer edges are slightly rounder, making it safer for children
• White KALLAX shelving units are a brighter shade of white than EXPEDIT
• Improved coating film makes the surfaces more durable and therefore less likely to scratch
What's changing?
NEW KALLAX shelving units
What's changing?
KALLAX is available in the following sizes and colours:
NEW KALLAX shelving units
KALLAX 77x77 cm (2x2) - formerly EXPEDIT 79x79 cm
Colours: white, black-brown, birch, light pink, light green, hi-gloss red,
and hi-gloss turquoise
KALLAX 42x147 cm (1x4) - formerly EXPEDIT 44x185 cm
Colours: white, black-brown, and birch
KALLAX 77x147 cm (2x4) - formerly EXPEDIT 79x149 cm
Colours: white, black-brown, birch, light pink, light green, hi-gloss red,
and hi-gloss turquoise
KALLAX 147x147 cm (4x4) - formerly EXPEDIT 149x149 cm
Colours: white, black-brown, and birch
Frequently asked questions
Why change such a successful product?
Every product needs a refresh from time to time. With the change of EXPEDIT to KALLAX, the latter becomes more modern, stable and durable. All KALLAX shelving units are also be more affordable than their EXPEDIT siblings thanks to savings in material and transportation costs. It’s good for the environment and your wallet!
Will my old EXPEDIT inserts and vinyl records fit in KALLAX?
Yes, the interior dimensions remain completely identical and KALLAX is still able to hold up to 13 kg on each shelf. All EXPEDIT inserts as well as boxes and baskets that currently fit into EXPEDIT - including your vinyl collection - will still be right at home in KALLAX.
How much is the new KALLAX?
KALLAX is more affordable than EXPEDIT. For exact prices, check out the range online now.
Will there be a KALLAX TV storage unit?
Yes, the EXPEDIT TV storage unit (185x149 cm) will become LAPPLAND TV storage unit (183x147 cm) and is available in white and black-brown.
Will the LACK series be changed as well?
The LACK wall shelves in white, birch and black-brown and the LACK TV benches in birch and black-brown will be updated to match KALLAX. The thicknesses, however, remain the same.
Will there be a desk in the KALLAX series?
No, but the LINNMON connecting fitting will allow you to attach any desk top (except glass) to KALLAX shelving units.