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Shelving units

Shelves with space for everything

Our shelving units make great homes for all sorts of things, from beautiful objects you love to display to essentials you just need to keep track off. They come in different styles and sizes to match your taste and needs. Most have room at the back for cables, so they can hold your gadgets while they recharge, too.

IKEA Shelving units
VITTSJÖ shelving unit, glass, black-brown Depth: 36 cm Height: 175 cm Width: 51 cm
shelving unit
Depth: 36 cm, Height: 175 cm, Width: 51 cm
FJÄLKINGE shelving unit, white Depth: 35 cm Height: 193 cm Width: 58 cm
shelving unit
Depth: 35 cm, Height: 193 cm, Width: 58 cm
FJÄLKINGE shelving unit, white Depth: 35 cm Height: 193 cm Width: 118 cm
shelving unit
Depth: 35 cm, Height: 193 cm, Width: 118 cm
ALGOT wall upright/shelves, white Depth: 40 cm Height: 196 cm Width: 154 cm
wall upright/shelves
Depth: 40 cm, Height: 196 cm, Width: 154 cm
FJÄLKINGE extra shelf, white Depth: 35 cm Width: 58 cm Max. load: 25 kg
extra shelf
Depth: 35 cm, Width: 58 cm, Max. load: 25 kg
GALANT shelf unit, black-brown Depth: 45 cm Height: 120 cm Width: 80 cm
shelf unit
Depth: 45 cm, Height: 120 cm, Width: 80 cm More options
IVAR 2 sections/shelves, pine Depth: 50 cm Height: 179 cm Width: 134 cm
2 sections/shelves
Depth: 50 cm, Height: 179 cm, Width: 134 cm
MULIG shelving unit, white Depth: 34 cm Height: 162 cm Width: 120 cm
shelving unit
Depth: 34 cm, Height: 162 cm, Width: 120 cm More options


  • Shelving units to cut the clutter

    Check out this range of shelving units and shelving systems, in different sizes, styles, and materials like metal or solid wood. Our value for money shelving units will help you organise all your stuff so your home becomes calmer and tidier and you can find everything fast. You’ll get more space to relax in and more time as well, because you won’t need to spend hours looking for your book or your mobile phone charger. And when you get more things you need to store, adding more shelving units to cope with them is easy and affordable, so you’ll always stay in control.

  • Get more out of your shelving units

    The shelves of your shelving units are also a great place to store all those little things like tealights or hobby stuff. You just need to put them into some boxes or baskets to keep everything together and so your shelves stay tidy. You can get files and boxes for magazines and CDs or DVDs, too. We have baskets and boxes in lots of colours and styles, so you’re sure to find something you like. Of course, it’s not all about cutting the clutter. Our shelving units are also a great way to make sure your favourite knick-knacks and family photos are on display where you can enjoy them every day.