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Not only for books

At IKEA, we always try to think out of the box. That’s why, although they are called bookcases, we believe they are not for books only. You can use our shelving units to protect and show off your precious porcelain sets, the finest glassware, or store your unique collection, for example. But if you still need to buy one for your personal selection of novels and best sellers, we’re totally fine with it.

The IKEA BILLY bookcases come in beige and other colours and have adjustable shelves that you can move and customise according to your needs. The glass doors let you protect and display your items. Align several units for a larger storage solution.
LAIVA bookcase, black-brown Width: 62 cm Depth: 24 cm Height: 165 cm
Width: 62 cm, Depth: 24 cm, Height: 165 cm
FINNBY bookcase, black Width: 60 cm Depth: 24 cm Height: 180 cm
Width: 60 cm, Depth: 24 cm, Height: 180 cm
BILLY grew up
Our beloved little bookcase got a lot bigger. More styles, sizes and ways to customise it for displaying and storing more than just books.
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Let our white BILLY bookcase with shallow, adjustable shelves become a canvas for displaying your favourite objects – all you need is forty centimeters of wall space. If you have pleanty, add another BILLY or two, and make your home even more you!
BRUSALI bookcase, brown Width: 67 cm Depth: 33 cm Height: 190 cm
Width: 67 cm, Depth: 33 cm, Height: 190 cm More options
BRIMNES bookcase, white Width: 60 cm Depth: 35 cm Height: 190 cm
Width: 60 cm, Depth: 35 cm, Height: 190 cm More options
LIATORP bookcase, white Width: 96 cm Depth: 37 cm Height: 215 cm
Width: 96 cm, Depth: 37 cm, Height: 215 cm
BILLY bookcase, beige Width: 160 cm Depth: 30 cm Height: 202 cm
Width: 160 cm, Depth: 30 cm, Height: 202 cm More options
GALANT shelf unit, black-brown Width: 80 cm Depth: 45 cm Height: 120 cm
shelf unit
Width: 80 cm, Depth: 45 cm, Height: 120 cm More options
BILLY extra shelf, white Width: 36 cm Depth: 26 cm Thickness: 2 cm
extra shelf
Width: 36 cm, Depth: 26 cm, Thickness: 2 cm More options