Product Recycling Fund
The price of this item includes a contribution to a Product recycling fund to ensure that waste electrical and electronic equipment is collected and recycled in a responsible manner.
Price Range ($)
STRANDMON wing chair, Skiftebo orange Depth: 96 cm Seat width: 49 cm Seat depth: 54 cm
wing chair
Depth: 96 cm, Seat width: 49 cm, Seat depth: 54 cm More options
KARLSTAD armchair, Husie orange Depth: 93 cm Seat width: 66 cm Seat depth: 56 cm
Depth: 93 cm, Seat width: 66 cm, Seat depth: 56 cm More options
EKERÖ armchair, Skiftebo orange Depth: 73 cm Seat width: 57 cm Seat depth: 46 cm
Depth: 73 cm, Seat width: 57 cm, Seat depth: 46 cm More options
EKERÖ armchair, Skiftebo yellow Depth: 73 cm Seat width: 57 cm Seat depth: 46 cm
Depth: 73 cm, Seat width: 57 cm, Seat depth: 46 cm More options
LOCKSTA easy chair, orange Depth: 75 cm Seat width: 56 cm Seat depth: 37 cm
easy chair
Depth: 75 cm, Seat width: 56 cm, Seat depth: 37 cm More options
STOCKHOLM swivel easy chair, Sandbacka yellow Depth: 77 cm Seat width: 67 cm Seat depth: 51 cm
swivel easy chair
Depth: 77 cm, Seat width: 67 cm, Seat depth: 51 cm More options
SÖDERHAMN armchair, Samsta dark yellow Depth: 99 cm Seat width: 93 cm Seat depth: 48 cm
Depth: 99 cm, Seat width: 93 cm, Seat depth: 48 cm More options


  • Fabric armchair: your living space, your taste in decor

    Whether you favour the modern or the traditional, you’ll love our fabric armchairs, because they cover a wide range of styles and designs. One of our IKEA STOCKHOLM easy chairs is a generous 113 cm wide and is made with resilient foam that moulds to your body and retains its shape when not being used. Our POÄNG fabric armchair has a bent birch frame, and a high back and head rest for great neck support. Many of our armchairs come with removable covers, like our EKTORP TULLSTA model, so you can completely change the look whenever you get a fresh new idea for your living room decor.

  • Fabric armchair for your taste and comfort

    We can well understand and appreciate that you have special requirements for what you’re looking for in an armchair, which is why we’ve designed a wide range. We’re sure we’ve got just the thing to match your tastes. The POÄNG rocking-chair has a wooden frame that’s bent to provide optimum comfort, a high back for extra support, and a selection of extra cushions to choose from. Or sink into our super-comfy TIDAFORS design, which has layers of cold foam and memory foam to support and mould around your body. Sound tempting? Visit your local IKEA store to find the fabric armchair that’ll suit your lifestyle, taste and desire for comfort.