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Three IKEA sinks in a row, each one with toothbrushes, soap caddy and towel hooks.
Break your bathroom rules
If you’re tired of everyone crowding around the sink, it might be time to take a look at your family’s needs and habits – and consider that three can be better than one.

Especially when you choose washstands that are compact and space-efficient. Designed to fit in small spaces, these come with hooks for towels and washcloths, built-in ledges for everyone’s toothbrushes and lots of storage space underneath. It’s a sure way to make those morning and night time routines go a lot more smoothly.
And it’s not just the washstand area – by taking time to think about your family’s needs in the rest of the bathroom, you can create a bathroom that works for the way you actually use it.
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Close-up of white IKEA wall cabinet, one door open to reveal cleaning products.
With everyone getting ready together, you’ll need storage that can handle a lot of things. Divide tall units to make the most of your space, the lower half for kids and the top half for adults.

And because not everything in a family bathroom is safe for children, it’s a good idea to store medicines and detergents up high or in locked cabinets.
Two IKEA laundry baskets in white on castors. Each has a different temperature sticker on.
Make light work of the laundry
A central laundry station for the whole family makes wash day a lot less hassle. Separate and label your laundry baskets to suit the way you wash. You could use sticky labels or fabric pens to mark them up and while you’re at it, why not give each of the kids their own little laundry tub?