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IKEA Leather sofas

Seating that naturally stands out

There’s something special about leather sofas. It comes from their natural look and texture and the way they age so beautifully. Our leather has been treated to make it extra durable and easy to care for, while still keeping its natural quality. So you’ll be sitting pretty for years. And at IKEA prices, this long-term investment will sit happily with your budget.

KARLSFORS corner sofa 2+3/3+2, Grann dark brown, tufted Depth: 82 cm Width right: 224 cm Width left: 257 cm
corner sofa 2+3/3+2
Depth: 82 cm, Width right: 224 cm, Width left: 257 cm More options
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KIVIK footstool, Grann beige Width: 90 cm Depth: 70 cm Height: 43 cm
Width: 90 cm, Depth: 70 cm, Height: 43 cm More options
KLIPPAN two-seat sofa, Skinnarp white Width: 180 cm Depth: 88 cm Height: 66 cm
two-seat sofa
Width: 180 cm, Depth: 88 cm, Height: 66 cm
MELLBY armchair, Grann black Width: 78 cm Depth: 85 cm Height: 80 cm
Width: 78 cm, Depth: 85 cm, Height: 80 cm More options
ARVIKA footstool, Grann black Length: 42 cm Width: 66 cm Diameter: 74 cm
Length: 42 cm, Width: 66 cm, Diameter: 74 cm
ARVIKA swivel armchair, Grann black Width: 84 cm Depth: 85 cm Height: 110 cm
swivel armchair
Width: 84 cm, Depth: 85 cm, Height: 110 cm
EKERÖ armchair, Laglig black Width: 70 cm Depth: 73 cm Height: 75 cm
Width: 70 cm, Depth: 73 cm, Height: 75 cm
POÄNG armchair, Robust dark brown, black-brown Width: 68 cm Depth: 82 cm Height: 100 cm
Width: 68 cm, Depth: 82 cm, Height: 100 cm More options
STOCKHOLM pouffe, black, Delikat white Width: 60 cm Depth: 51 cm Height: 41 cm
Width: 60 cm, Depth: 51 cm, Height: 41 cm
SÄTER 2.5-seat sofa, Fräsig dark brown Width: 197 cm Depth: 82 cm Height: 75 cm
2.5-seat sofa
Width: 197 cm, Depth: 82 cm, Height: 75 cm
VRETA armchair, Mjuk dark brown Width: 103 cm Depth: 95 cm Height: 88 cm
Width: 103 cm, Depth: 95 cm, Height: 88 cm More options
VRETA footstool, Mjuk dark brown Width: 75 cm Depth: 62 cm Height: 44 cm
Width: 75 cm, Depth: 62 cm, Height: 44 cm More options
YSTAD armchair, Grann dark brown Width: 110 cm Depth: 92 cm Height: 87 cm
Width: 110 cm, Depth: 92 cm, Height: 87 cm
YSTAD footstool, Grann dark brown Length: 74 cm Width: 55 cm Height: 45 cm
Length: 74 cm, Width: 55 cm, Height: 45 cm
YSTAD three-seat sofa, Grann dark brown Width: 226 cm Depth: 92 cm Height: 87 cm
three-seat sofa
Width: 226 cm, Depth: 92 cm, Height: 87 cm
YSTAD two-seat sofa, Grann dark brown Width: 166 cm Depth: 92 cm Height: 87 cm
two-seat sofa
Width: 166 cm, Depth: 92 cm, Height: 87 cm
  • Leather sofas and armchairs – stylish value for money

    Comfortable, hard-wearing, easy to wipe clean. And they get better looking as they get older. Check out our affordable range of traditional and contemporary leather sofas and armchairs. You’ll discover a lot of choice, from chaise longues to footstools to corner sofas, in different colours and sizes. We have a big range of styles, from sleek and streamlined to deep and generous. Maybe you’ll find one to match that favourite leather handbag. As well as being stylish, our leather sofas are designed to give you great comfort and support, using materials like high resilience foam or feathers.

  • Match or complement your leather sofa

    Most of our leather sofas and armchairs belong to series, so you can create your own matching suite. Look out for series names like ARILD or KARLSTAD. We also have lots of other home furnishings that coordinate with our leather sofas, too – from soft furnishings like rugs to lamps and tables. To make sure our leather sofas stay fresh while aging gracefully, we have a series of leather care products called ABSORB.