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IKEA Embrace Swedish Country Heritage
[National]  Inspired by the understated furnishings and decorations of rural Swedish farms and cottages, IKEA has embraced a new range of textiles that showcase and pay homage to Swedish folklore and handicraft traditions.
Kitty Wijnands – IKEA Communications & Interiors Manager says, “Swedish country style is genuine and simple for a casual, warm look and feel in the home. Woven checks and stripes are prominent features, as are traditional Swedish patterns and floral illustrations in knits, rag-rugs, embroidery and crochet.”

Made to be paired with furniture that is functional, genuine and simple, the trend features deep greens, red and yellow ochre as prominent colours. The occasional highlight of stained red wood, or wrought iron offsets the style, and sheep skin, natural fibres, stoneware and enamel pieces are used to highlight the importance of long-lasting materials – something close to many Swedes' hearts.

To recreate this style in your own home, look at easy to combine folkloric textiles like the ÅKERKULLA series with floral illustrations and woven stripes, and then add traditional, functional wooden pieces from the HEMNES series.

“When creating the ÅKERKULLA series, designer Eva Lundgreen drew her inspiration from her grandparents' country home to create patterns – old wreaths, unmatched textiles, heavy silk quilts, fine porcelain and summer flowers. In a Swedish country design, there is always room for cheerfulness and playfulness in the midst of the somewhat strict,” says Kitty.

The HEMNES series offers numerous pieces including bed frames, glass-door cabinets, bedside tables and bookcases, and comes in colours including white, grey-brown, black-brown, and red – easy to incorporate into any home and blend with a number of existing styles.

“In Swedish country style, comfort, lightness, tradition and simplicity rule at home, creating a place to revel in the joys of clean air, fresh-cut flowers, juicy wild strawberries, a tall glass of milk and the warmth of the family,” says Kitty.

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