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LED Lighting up the Future at IKEA
[National]  By 2016, IKEA will be making all of their lighting products LED based, and will phase out their halogen and SPARSAM low-energy bulbs. LEDs are much loved for their energy-saving, money-saving and design-expanding properties – not to mention their sustainability.

IKEA Store Manager Anje Heim says, “At IKEA we have put so much of our development and design efforts behind LEDs and this change at IKEA because we want to be able to provide customers with more sustainable lighting options that will change the way they live.”

LEDs are extremely small in their size allowing them to be used and designed into innovative lighting creations in ways that weren’t possible with regular light bulbs. Consuming up to 85% less energy than traditional incandescent lighting, LEDs provide an even white light without getting warm, and can be recycled as electrical waste.

The IKEA Group Chief Sustainability Officer, Steve Howard says, “Sustainability and respect for the environment are all core values at IKEA, and with LED based solutions being introduced by 2016 we are taking a major step in giving our customers the opportunity to live a more sustainable life at home.”

With countless options for any individual, to suit any home furnishing, IKEA have become specialists in providing customers with sustainable and environmentally friendly options at an affordable price.

“With household electricity bills continuing to rise rapidly and global energy consumption increasing, a small LED bulb will have a very big impact. Building on our belief that everyone should be able to afford to live more sustainably at home, we will make sure our LED prices are the lowest on the market,” says Anje.

DIODER battery operated lamps are an example of how LEDs can be used efficiently. These lights can be placed in drawers, wardrobes and shelves. With a sensor in place they light up for 15 seconds when the drawer is opened and will turn off after 5 seconds of being closed. There is no need to worry about the light over-heating, or turning off any switches, simplifying things and making it so much easier when getting dressed in the dark.

“With a lifetime of 20,000 hours or about 20 years, customers don’t need to worry about changing a light bulb every 6 months. By using the time up until 2016 to educate the community in all the sustainable benefits to LED lighting we really want to emphasise the reduction in electrical household costs associated with the use of LED lighting,” says Anje.

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